Looking for entry level planar with bass and wide soundstage

Hello everyone, so the subject.
Buying for music (rock, metal), not really a fan of loud or bright or ringing highs.
Will buy some 100 USD amp, so for headphones about 200 usd.
After some research, here is what I found:
Fostex T20RP - looks like the thing, bassy, but not much info or impressions of them, seems unpopular choice, maybe they’re getting old?
Dekoni Blue - better tune of T50RP, are they bassy enough? Not sure…
Hifiman - most of the impressions are saying they are not bassy.
Takstar HF 580 - Dark horse? Worth looking at?
Sivga - maybe ???

Am I missing something? Please share your opinions.

I’m in SE Asia, so not many options for shipping here.

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I have the Dekoni Blue’s, not sure if they are what you are looking for. They have a warm sound signature and are perceived to be very bassy.

SIVGA Phoenix is very much worth looking into. That is, if you do not have very large ears (the stock pads are quite thin). Perhaps you could reach out to the company and kindly ask for a discount?

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dekoni blue have tons of bass. but the highs on t50 variants can be sibilant depending on source

Yes, that’s the main reason I don’t look at t50, I think could be too much treble for me.
I hoped that Dekoni tuned them down a little.

Not a little. A lot. Blue’s are very warm-sounding.

If you go with a non-modded Fostex T__RP series, keep some pad money in budget.

What is your baseline though, what equipment are you coming from?

:sweat_smile: From zero.
Well, I have Koss Porta Pro.
I plan to buy some 100 USD amp, like Atom or Xduoo mt-602
I had or listened to… to more or less quality headphones, like 20 years ago. So my audiophile sensors are closed.

Does your usage allow open-back?

Yeah, that’s not a problem.

If you’re gonna get any T50rp Fostex style headphone just go straight to an Argon mod. Make no doubt as they are closed and not semi its vented basically but if you REALLY want the soundstage go for the T50rp Argons.

Otherwise go straight to 4XX open back cheap planar.
Great soundstage, bassy not over done. Nice mids and more rolled off ontop. It’s an easy choice for an open back.

If you want it more extended treble go for a sundara. Scales very well with good amps.

The problem with Argons is, it’s impossible to find them where I live for a reasonable price.
Some folks, I inquired, won’t send outside ConUS.

You mean 4XX, Hifiman from Drop? I was thinking about them, and 5XX, but people say they not quite bassy. That’s why I’m asking straight opinions, thank you.

Sundara is outside of the budget, because of an amp… :weary:

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HFM He400 series

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Any headphone from that series He4x HE400i etc. They’re definitely going to fit what you described.

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I have the T20RP, and I really, REALLY like the sound of them. I can’t speak of the soundstage, as I can’t hear soundstage in general, but with some good pads (I use angled, perforated leather pads or hybrid pads), and the bass performance is awesome. Lots of impact and a nice bit of warmth to the sound.


If you get an Argon mod done to them… You’ll definitely hear the soundstage. It’s insane how much he can get out of them

Hell, I wish :triumph:
It’s so annoying here with availability and delivery cost, it’s not even funny :money_mouth_face:
All the headphones listed here are out of local stock, and Amazon’s delivery prices are insane (don’t forget customs :unamused:)
I even stretched the budget to fit Sundara - out of stock.
One thing - I saw a local used listing of GL2000 for about 400$ not sure if it’s a good stretch goal :thinking:

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