Looking for Feedback: Loxjie P20 or Vali 2+

Scratching the surface with this hobby/addiction. Next stage is an entry headphone tube amp. I was looking at the Loxjie P20 or the Vali 2+ and would appreciate any opinions or insights people may have to share. I currently have a Modi/Magni stack and Matric i3-mini which has the balanced outputs for the Loxjie.

I think I would invest in a replacement power supply for the Loxjie based on what I read and dabble with tube rolling in the future.

For headphones I have the 6XX and bought into the Poseidon which Z mentioned are worth trying on tubes.

Appreciate any thoughts I get.

You’ll want to run Loxjie out of the balanced output. Tube rolling will involve double tubes.

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