Looking for fun headphones costing up to 270€


I am looking for help regarding fun headphones. When I say “fun”, I mean mid-bass. Lots of it. “Impact” and “slam” and whatever other words that describe that. Basically headphones that, by playing the track “snakes in tracksuits” by Gopnik McBlyat, will make them bounce around on my head. :star_struck:

I had a set of T20RP’s, that sounded great, but were not comfortable.

Having heard different planars, I’ll be going for headphones that have dynamic drivers. :wink:

I am just looking for YOUR ideas for the dynamic driver headphones with the most impactful bass for up to 270€ :smiley:

What I have had that seem popular:

DT770 (Not enough slam/punch) in the midbass
1More Triple driver (Too much treble)
T20RP (Too heavy/unbalanced)

I am in the EU, and will not be buying from outside of there.

A used pair of Meze 99 Classics or a new pair of Meze 99 Neo. Dynamic driver. Closed back. Very comfortable. Superb build quality.

Oh, and bass for DAYS.