Looking for gaming headphone

I’m looking for headphone right now i use senheiser hd559 and sound blasterx g5.
which headphone should i get? under 400$ i prefer open back headphone
and should i buy dac and amp or just stick with g5

Do you also need a mic?

you can stick with the g5 if you want
how much music will you listen to using them?

no i don’t need mic sorry for not to mention it

i didn’t listen to music in pc a lot but i do watch movie

I personally think a dt880 250 ohm may be a worthwhile upgrade imo. Plenty comfortable, very good imaging and soundstage, and a even sound that makes it easy to hear sonic queues. It may be a bit bright sounding to some though

There are other options as well

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don’t need to buy new dac/amp? it sound great i will take a look at it thanks

You should be fine with the soundblaster, but in the future you could upgrade if need be

If you want to just buy a better amp now you can I’m pretty sure you can use the g5 as a standalone dac

True, I like the liquid spark with the 880 since it tames the highs a bit

Nevermind you can’t as the outputs at the back are optical and not RCA or 3.5 mm. But you could just plug it in from the front set it at a certain volume and not touch it ever.

My brother sold his Astro when he got the Audio Technica AT-HAD700X

He loves them.

I’ve been using the Hifiman he4xx with and without Dolby atoms while playing the new modern warfare. They work pretty good as well

I guess you could do that but it wouldn’t be ideal

Personally I would say if you wanted a dac/amp, if you can get ahold of a fiio k5 pro, that’s the best bang for the buck in it’s price class imo

I really like the ad700x for gaming, but I have a hard time recommending them because of the comfort that only works for some people and the less than ideal performance if they want to do something other than competitive gaming. Other than that if you want a pure competitive set the ad700x is great

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True, my brother games a LOT… lol

Out of all I got my personal favorite for pure competitive is the ad1000x, it’s one of the only pairs that I feel actually gives me an advantage (surprisingly). I just wish I could recommend it more but the 880 250 or 600 ohm just makes more sense for most people

i do have xduoo xd-05 can i make it dac and buy amp?

Wait then you could just use the xd05 and be a ok, that a pretty good dac/amp imo

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should i use this instead my g5

Yes…but you can just use that instead