Looking for good and comfortable headphones Recommendation (1000$)

First of all hello! This is my first post here and I’m sure it won’t be my last !

I’m here because I recently started a new job working in an open office with multiple other people and I found out that the only way I can focus on my work and ignore the rest is by putting headphones on and listening to music.

I’m new to the world of headphone enthusiasts and I’m looking for headphone recommendation for headphones that fill the following criteria.

Stunning sounding headphones that will last and be a pleasure to listen to. I’m listening pretty much every genre except pop hip hop, or electronic music
Comfortable to wear 10 hours per day
people in the office should not be able to hear my music
I should be able to drive the headphones with a player like fiio M11 or BTR5 ( Reading into this further I’ll probably need something stronger like a M15 or woo wa11
Budget for headphones 1000 $


Well sounds like you are looking for closed back variety, so as not to be bothered by others.
Gotta admit, not much experience with high end closed back, but the Fostex TH610 is well regarded by many, and it has that nice wood finish.

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Some suggestions based on your budget are:
Cascade: $800 ZMF Atticus: $1100 AEON Flow 2, Closed $899.99, LCD-2 Closed Back $899.00

Can you give us a little more info on what you might want? bright or dark headphone? bass, treble, midrange?

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Of course thanks for taking the time and helping out !

I’d like my music to sound as natural as possible with enough but not too much bass, but very good midrange… a good balance between bright and dark… Preferably headphones that are wide and give 3D image of the music ( hopefully that makes sense)

Oh and I like to listen to music pretty loud

Not sure if that helps but I really like listening to music such as Buena vista social club, bob dylan, bb king, early Albums by Metallica, Johnny cash, Pink Floyd, Nina Simone etc and much more but maybe you get the direction

If you could say a few words about each headphones you recommended I’d be greatful. For example how they differ from each other, why and if the more expensive ones are worth the extra cash etc

Gorn is absolutely right about you needing a closed-back in an open-concept office environment.

The Focal Elegia is another possibility that’s often recommended. In the meantime you might want to start researching the models that have been mentioned. For example, the LCD-2 Closed (635 gm) and the ZMF Atticus (500+ gm) are large and heavy so may not be a good match for all-day use. And the Elegia (435 gm) is also a bit hefty, although many seem to consider it surprisingly easy on the neck. The Fostex is a bit lighter at 375 gm.

Another option that may not immediately come to mind is the Oppo PM-3 (323 gm). Because it’s no longer manufactured you’d have to snag one used. They were only $400US new and are light, well-built, comfortable, not power-hungry and very well tuned for vocal music.


You might like the Emu Teak headphones. Very nice refined yet enjoyable sound with beautiful design.

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For an open office I wouldn’t recommend the fostex or emu teak as they don’t isolate that well and do leak a bit, also comfort is not their strong points for many.


Okay. I was wondering about that.
What would you recommend?

I think the aeon 2 closed and an m11 would be a sweet setup imo. I would just make sure you have a balanced cable for them

Great all rounder with a neutral yet enjoyable signature, not fatiguing, and impressive with most music. Also the comfort and build is top notch imo. They isolate well and also are fairly portable


Oh yes, the Aeon 2 closed with balanced cable would be amazing. Pretty much fits all the wants and needs here for OP.


To me, the AudioTechnica floating headband is very comfortable (AD500X has been my daily driver for 6 years). If you have a small head, they may not work for you.
Could take a look at the Audio Technica ATH-A990Z


At the moment there are 2 obvious choices

Focal Elegia or a bit more power (current) needing Dan Clark Audio AOC2

Both are great.

If you need highest isolation and best portabilty go for the DCA. It’s leather pads can warm your ears up after time.
If you want long time comfort with a tad less portabilty, go for the Elegia. You get it way under msrp.
It’s a good amount more open sounding with a nice soundstage.

Do you wear glasses? - seal with broad arms is often a problem with closed backs. Especially the Elegia is more dependent from a good seal.
Elegia is easier to drive.
Get yourself some third party cables for it. The original cable is good, though a bit stiff for mobile use.

Plan B could be a set of IEMs

Don’t go with a super heavy closed back like the Audeze - it’s not state of the art, too heavy and overpriced. Don’t know anybody enjoying these for longtime listening.
Don’t think about semi-open like Fostex or base monsters like the CA Cascades- get’s way to early fatiguing


I’d agree. I’d also suggest the Focal Elegia. I own the Focal Elegia and use it at the office all the time. You might also want to check out the TR-X00 or E-MU headphones. They will probably be a bit less expensive than the Elegia and I personally enjoy their sound more than the Elegia. They have a more natural timbre and more enjoyable frequency response.

If you’re very concerned about isolation/bothering others or others bothering you, then just pick up some good noise cancelling headphones like Sony or Bose. Neither the Elegia or TR-X00 type headphones are completely closed.

The elegia actually isolates to a fair extent and doesn’t leak that much though unlike the x00 or teak. And again comfort might be an issue unless you swap pads for some

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I do wear glasses and my head is definitely on the wider side so it would be nice if the headphones would be wide enough It’s not too nice if you get the feeling they are clamping your head together

The Elegia might be better at isolation than the TR-X00, but not by much. I usually crank the Elegia up at the office and am concerned at how loud they are when I take them off my head.

Oh one thing to remember… The Elegia is a very detailed sounding headphone because of it’s frequency response. If you enjoy rich full bass or a warm sounding headphone, the Elegia is not going to be the headphone for you. It has a dip in it’s frequency response around 100hz which does not make it ideal for music like rock/metal.

I use the Elegia every day in the office and at home on the sofa, while my wife watches TV.
As long you don’t sit less than 3feet away with super loud(unhealthy)music playing… there is no problem with sound leaking. Isolation is no problem in a office environment. I listen to maybe 70-85 db for hours.
It’s not semi- closed like the Fostex
@PapaEmeritus is correct with noice cancelling headphones or true wireless in Ears for isolation… if sound quality is not your main priority

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Actually the Elegia is vented, so I do consider it semi-closed. I do agree though the Elegia is fine to use in an office setting. I also think you could get away with a TR-X00.

I also forgot, I’ve modded my X-00s to be fully over ear so they isolate better than the stock X-00 with the on-ear pads.


Sorry- wanted to write semi- open not semi-closed…
It’s closed enough with beeing vented…

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with room for better dac/amp. open box ftw