Looking for good wide closed backs under $600usd

Right now im stuck between the DCA aeon rt and modhouse argon mk3. which would you guys chose and any other recs. also the dac and amp im gonna use are the topping L50 and D10 balanced.

are you talking soundstage width? if so
DCA Aeon closed X is good too sometime goes on sale for $350ish could probably get one used for $300ish
haven’t heard any of the Argons personally but didn’t think they were very wide based on reviews I’ve seen
1770/177x are above average for closed back width

Denon D5200

Used Aeon Noire can be had for ~650 in the US. Aeon 2 Closed with Noire pads supposedly sounds similar but I cant confirm.

I think Elegia is the best close back under 600€

Can confirm DCA Aeon RT Closed does have some great width! I enjoy the tonality, presentation, and above all else the comfort of the Aeon RT