Looking for good wireless headphones

I’m looking for a good set of wireless closed back over ear headphones budget is around $300 or so any suggestions? Or maybe wired if there really better they need to be able to run off my phone which is a Samsung galaxy s 20+

you may find the Sony XM3 on clearance for $300…or for a bit more, the newer XM4 on sale.

Ok so I’ve been looking and I’m thinking I’m either going to go with the Sony xm4 or the sennheiser momentum 3 any opinion?

The xm4 is functionally better than the Sennheiser which one sounds better depe D’s on theusic your Into personally I prefer the xm5

i’m currently using a pair of headphones, which I absolutely love and here’s my complete guide of best headphones.

Hey guys i use many headphones but some of them are not reliable for gamers or not have some other features like noise cancellation etc. But I use Mpow wireless headphone which is quite good and provide me almost all the facility which i needed most.

i love sony wh1000xm3 and they are one of the finest wireless headphones. Unless you need newer bluetooth version or codec these are killer by all means.