Looking for Guide e-mu teak perfect pairing(dac&amp)!

Hi all,

I have recently bought the e-mu teak and want to upgrade my gear (currently driving it with the steinberg ur22mk2 via usb). What dac and amp should i get to pair best with the e-mu teak? I am willing to spend 1000 euro max for both combined (because i plan to stick with this headphone+new setup for the next decade until next upgrade) but I dont want to overshoot things if the em-u teak cant benefits from it. And i’m from europe (regarding shipping).
I also own the jbl lsr 305 speakers, would be great if i could connect the setup to those speakers, but thats only optional.

thanks in advance!

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I have a Denon D2000 mod with the E mu Cups.And Fostex Tr xx00 Mahagony is the same Driver who have the Emu Teak inside

What works very well as Dac/amp is the Singxer SDA2 Advance.
Another Dac amp in this section the Questyle Cma400i not Bad to.

With the two amps you can connect directly via Xlr to your jbl lsr 305.
The Singxer is for the Price very well and nice Pic.
I have it my self and love it.
Take a look on Shenzen Audio for the Review.
And you can buy it in Holland by Magnahifi.com when you find it interesting.
And no problems to drive it later with Planar phones when you would he have enough power.

The Questyle are good to but i have read some have a bit little problems the humming loops.It is possible to result this with an Ify Defender Jitter bug.
So make sure your Pc is grounded.

Smsl M200 not bad to but never heard it.The option are not bad on the Paper i find.

thank will check them out

I have ordered the Singxer SDA-2C (advance) now on shenzhenaudio. they seem have the best price and a good return policy if something is wrong.
Hopefully i will love it!
By reading up some reviews on it, do you happend to expirenced some of these flaws:
"The single ended output buzzes which is audible in my headphones, The buzz seems to be exactly the same buzz which is coming from the unit itself, probably from the transformer. you hear the buzz when from the unit itself in a quiet room when you hold your ear very close to it. It’s not a rustle like from near feal monitors, it’s a very quiet buzz. It’s only audible via headphones over single ended. "

“The increased distortion in low frequencies is odd and should be

good choice.
I have it myself and I listen. Absolutely nothing at all, mine is not at all and has nothing to do with it.
I myself tested the Iem from the Iphone or Samsung and I couldn’t find anything negative.
The power supply briefly buzzed for the first 20 h when it was switched on, but there was also a little beep at the single ended that was gone after about 20 h, but you had to listen carefully and was not annoying.
Wouldn’t worry me too much, these are typical things that are normal with new equipment.
You can give it later if you have it.
Make sure that all audio drivers are installed on the PC, otherwise you may cause problems.
I recently had to restart Windows 10 and had not installed all audio components.
Then got it solved with Drivehub.
Remember the customs clearance that is still due in your country, in Germany I paid 130 €

Finaly got the unit!

First impression:
I think the unit works normal, but it doesn’t sound that good to me as of now. Maybe i have set it up wrong. It did improve the sound compared to my old unit (steinberg ur22mk2) in imagine, stage and separation but for the price range difference i am disappointed how little the difference is for the huge price step. low and mids (wish mids would be more present but) are fine and the added hall effect makes it airy pleasing. what borders me is that on high frequency, the treble is so harsh and pressing (here it could really be more laid back), feels like the sound is compressed in vacuum, not airy at all, this makes listening not enjoyable compared to my old unit. There is also another unnatural thing i noticed, it feels like the unit have some sort of auto-volume/frequency boost that boost some frequency sometimes but it does it very ugly/harsh. Sounds like someone constantly playing with the volume control super fast. Or maybe i am experiencing the ability to distinguish between good and bad mixing. I don’t know but that is my first impression on testing and listening it with my speaker.

Maybe this unit needs a burn in or something. Btw where does it say that the model is the sda-2c ? cant find it anywhere. I still need a manual.

As for the clink/aux headphone test, didn’t hear much of a different there yet, except for the added hall effect that makes it sounds more natural and speaker sounding but pairing it with tracks that has already a wide stage or having hall, things are getting ugly.

Cable for balance and emu has not arrived jet could not test.

filters didnt make any different to me, sounded all the same.

tested it with jbl lsr 305 speaker and ultrasone 2900pro headphone.

maybe you have an idea to help me enjoy this unit more?

is a good sign that he has nothing.
You can find the instructions on the Singxer homepage.
In any case, give him 20-30 hours of recordings.
It sounded a bit strange at the beginning, but it quickly subsided.
Unfortunately, I don’t know the Steinberg to compare, so you should give yourself some time to listen, and if you compare, the A / B test would be more suitable.
So listen to a song for about 30-60 seconds and then reconnect with the same headphones.
I found that with the balance compared to the imbalance again had put a shovel on it.
Unfortunately I did not find any exact information about the Steinberg regarding the specs either.
Volume output, which Dac chip is installed and so on.
As advertised, it serves more for recordings, gig events, etc.
Whether that is really for enjoying music is open to question, because it’s a matter of taste.
I spent about 150 hours with him and so far have not been able to find anything that bothers me. On the contrary, I can lean back. Without wanting to digress, I found the Dac best for the money so far.
Fostex Hp A3 and Hp A4 BL, Rme Adi 2 Dac, Smsl sp 200 with the Cambridge Audio Dac and in combination with Schiit Magni 3 and Vali 2 played on the wall.
With the filters I am mostly at 3 or 6.
What also makes a difference is that you now also have reading reserves compared to your predecessor, so it is normal that you feel differently before.
The Emu Teak, Fostex, old Denon series can do more with regard to this. The volume potentiometer is regulated in such a way that from 50 he controls in 0.5 Db steps on the remote control but in 1 Db steps forth.
I think that the Singxer also gives back the music as it was thought.

Oh yes,
on the device with me is a sticker with Sda 2 C that would be the advance version in the case.
I read your text again.
Yes, you experience the music in a slightly different way.
The way it is meant to be mixed.
I was a little irritated at first, but you get used to it.
I found that it played really well with certain tones, especially with violins or piano, but that was also the intention when recording, and some Dac’s like to disguise it.
So my recipe would really give you both some time, wait and see what it is like when he has 30 hours under his belt, then you can fully concentrate on yourself.
Because now there is excitement and expectations, euphoria and everything and then you really can’t relax.

After exposing to burn in audio for 2 hours i think it has gotten a bit better.

i have recorded a A/B test now. Didnt manage to match the volume right but it works…
Maybe you could listen to it and tell the difference. you could also give the music and tailer a listen on your gear and compare it to my recording. (source listed below)
!!!please note that due recording characteristic, conversion and compression this might not be represtentative to what i have heard live!!!

Used recording gear: Zoom H4n.

Tested devices:
-singxer sda-2
-steinberg ur22mk2

used with:
-jbl lsr 305
-astro a40
-ultrasone 2900 pro

trailer: BACALAUREAT TRAILER OFICIAL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hKtgrj7UXo
music: Wanda - Columbo

I listened to your wave file on my Singxer and converted Denon D2000 headphones.
So I have to tell you the differences were clear for me to hear.
With the Singxer it was clear to hear that it goes deeper open. The bass has a nice rums down. The piano playing was also much more with warm clarity and openness.
I couldn’t hear all of this from the Steinberg; on the contrary, I found it obscured the rear end and not shining so well.
I mean clear the audio recording wasn’t the best but could hear it.
Even if you have used the good piece for 2 hours now, give yourself time.
After 30 hours it looks different again and then sit back and relax.
Then you can connect the Steinberg again and compare again.You should then notice clear passages that the Singxer is doing better.Use the same headphones in the case the emu teak.

what was that actually a german song what was there in the wave file?
Wasn’t bad at all.

So something else from about 60 Db on the Singxer usually starts to be fun, if I need it louder again then 65. It doesn’t happen that often I was at 70 above for a short time but that’s too much for me.
When I switch on I am usually around 40-50 to get used to it a bit.
And that is also a strange characteristic of him that I think is good.

I guess after the emu arrive and i have 30h on it, i will give another update.

What is filter 3 and 6? s-sharp and low?

“on the device with me is a sticker with Sda 2 C that would be the advance version in the case.”
where excactly is your sticker?

i cant find it on mine anywhere where its says advance or ads -2c

“what was that actually a german song what was there in the wave file?
Wasn’t bad at all.”
Well sort of, its austrian song xD

I have the volume around 40-50. everything else is kina too loud at last for the speaker.

I checked with me once.
On my Singxer it is also not on it that it is the C version.
But on the box where it was delivered.
I was thinking about you.
Briefly to the E-Mu. If he is new, he really needs his 100 hours of playing time.

The next is the driver.
For me it was as follows that the right and left channels were swapped with every restart.
This was because I had to reinstall Windows.
And he did not load and install all of the drivers, especially the audio drivers.
I was able to fix that with DriveHub.
And then I installed the Xmos driver.
Unfortunately, this only goes up to 24/192 bits.
But that’s enough because there isn’t more.
If so, more is only possible via I2S.
You can find the driver and the manual here.

You can of course also download the Singxer software there, it should show which version you have, I mean yes.
you have to / can download the 4.86 version.
There you will also find the manual again.
And somewhere else the instructions for Foobar.
Everything else is not for the SDA 2 C. The firmware data is not determined either. I mean with the Singxer software he shows that it is the SDA 2 C with the information.

The difference between the C and normal version is the price and the Usb Galavanic separation which was named as the C version or is also called the Advance and costs a little more.
So if you paid the $ 680 then you have the C version.

Under the device you have jumpers you only need them if you have established a connection to an interface via Hdmi via I2S and thus determine the circuit.

The filters are 3 Sharp and 6 S-Slow.Nos is Neutral. I mostly listen to 3. Sometimes 6 but I usually like 3 best.

So make sure that you have installed certain audio drivers, and if you run software from Steinberg in the background, deactivate it in the app under Autostart.
it may well be that the conflict arises.
It’s not without something, and Drivehub shows you whether everything is up to date or what drivers are missing so far, so a check doesn’t hurt, it helped me a lot with the search and troubleshooting.
I haven’t played the SIngxer software since then and I’m still thinking about whether I should do it.

as for the version, nowhere does it say i have the advance(2c) version…


i have read through the manual. there isnt really much to setup. Driver works as intended.
Have not set up for DSD as i dont have DSD files to play.

about the E-Mu 100h seems a lot, do they sound bad out of the box?
should arrive next week.

I just landed on this page. I attach a photo of my box and note that the same sticker is stick on the back of my SDA-2c

My assumption is that there is no “c” in your serial number, well it is not an SDA-2C (advanced version).

What do you think @Deleeh ?

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Did you pay $680 or $630 for it?
Have you looked on the back to see if it says anything?

If you paid 680$ then you have the C version.
I do not have it exactly in my head but I mean if nothing is written on it, it is the C version with the serial number I was once told.

How do you find it in the meantime after a few hours of listening to music?

I confirm that I have purchased and paid for version “c” the “advanced version”.

You what is your no. series? What do you have on your sticker? Do you have a “c” in the no. series sequence?

I have maybe two hours of listening. However, this also corresponds to my headphone change (two days before). So what is the consequence of the DAC? what is the consequence of the headphones?

I find it very musical, maybe less detail than I thought. But the softness is there, velvet. Maybe a slight lack of bass …

I still need a few days of listening to speak more clearly …

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Oh, I’d have to see if there’s a C in the serial number, I don’t think so.
With me was only a C on the box with pencil where the Singxer was inside.

I understand the concerns that it might not be the C model.
Shenzenaudio builds as a rule rarely crap.
At least I have heard nothing bad from them.
They rely heavily on a good reputation and don’t think there’s anything wrong.
Mine is also from them.

I have also only received the information from another forum that if no C is on it, it is the C version.
I know it is complicated.
No idea why.

I would just trust that everything fits and enjoy the sound of Singxer and Hifiman.:grin:
Would be happy if you would give feedback after recording,:wink:.


Here: @Deleeh !! :smile: