Looking for headphone tube amp

I would like to buy a very tubey amp. I have the Topping A90 and the Schiit Lyr 3, which make for a good solid state and hybrid piece respectively. I would like to complete the lineup with the other end of the spectrum. What would you guys recommend for $500 or less?

It doesn’t have to be a full tube amp, if there is another hybrid that fits the bill that works.

I’ll be using it with the HD 800S and the 1990 Pro.

For this price the Feliks Echo 2 is the best solution.
Maybe a Little Dot when you would.
Some would propose for sure the Dark voice,but not a personally fan about.

If you can strech your budget the QuickSilver or a Woo Audio wa6 is solid enough.


Not to plug my own for sale post but I do have a darkvoice that I will ship for $250. I used it for about 24hrs but letting it go since I have a xduoo ta30 that plays nicer with all my planars.

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