Looking for Headphones, DAC/Amp and Microphone

Hello Friends,

my knowledge regarding audio equipment is pretty limited, im trying to learn though.
I want to improve the gaming audio on my PC, until now im using a Sennheiser Game Zero headset with just the onboard sound.

The only game I play competetive is Dota2 , so improving the audio quality is my focus.

In preparation I watched the “Guide to Gamer Audio” video from Zeos and planned on using open headphones and a V-MODA BoomPro microphone for QoL reasons.

I also want to add 2 Speakers and maybe a Sub later on to change between headphones and speakers, depending on what I do.

I dont really have a fixed budget, I thought about 250$ for the headphones and whatever I need to support them.

Please remind me If I forgot important information, as I said im just getting into the audio scene. :slight_smile: