Looking for headphones under 150€

I want a headphones with good isolation so i looking for closed back like:
DT 770 PRO
AKG K631 or BT
Can someone help me with this decision or provide some recommendations, budget 150€?
I am using them for music, movies and play games.

howdy FAK; there are a few more questions that would be good to answer.

  • what kind of music do you listen to?
  • what is your sound chain? this means your music source, DAC and amp you plan on using.
  • where are you located? country, so we can limit our suggestions to buying from stores you have access to.

Hi! Most of the time, I listen to hip hop, but I also like R&B, pop, and indie. I’m not a big bass guy, and I will plug in my headphones into my PC motherboard (Asrock B650M-HDV/M.2). However, I can consider adding new equipment to my wishlist. I live in Portugal, so Amazon is probably the best place to buy.

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I’d say the 361, but to be honest at this price range you should really consider getting IEMs, you got some really good iems that cost around 100ish + if you buy some good tips.

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I want a headphones because the IEM’s i have used i have a problem with all of them were my left ear starts hurting maybe my left ear is the problem or because i only use cheap one, i have use:

  • Truthear Hola
  • MoonDrop CHU II
  • MoonDrop CHU

AKG K361 or K371. They will serve you nicely.

fair enough but before totally giving up i’d suggest just buying a set of tips (since you already have the iems), something like an XELASTEC or spinfits, to see if that improves it - if it does great, if it doesnt well you are only out 10-20$ at most


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My DT770 Pro headphones lasted over 20 years. Actually closer to 30 years most likely before they quit working. They are ruggedly built. Mine were 250ohm though. You would probably be better off with 32ohm if plugged into the computer headphone output directly.