Looking for ideas (up to 500 usd)


I have had some… issues with IEMs recently and Im looking for something new.

I really liked my 10BA per side Nicehck NK10s, but one of the broke - just makes a scratcing sound. Could have spilled water over them. Anyway… ordered the Nicehck SP12 as replacement - those got lost in mail and i just got my money back :smiley:

Currently using P1, Ikko IH10 and Blon´s - none of them is quite my liking. Ikko has too much unnatural bass, lacking in vocals. P1 is too harsh and small sounding and the Blons are not TOTL by any means in my opinion. If you somehow got them to fit and not fall out of the ears then the sound is decent, but when you have heard better then its kinda meh too. :smiley:

I was looking at Dunu dk 2001 / 3001 pro, fiio fh7, mofaset trio hybrid, tansio mirai tsmr 4

Would like to spend less rathen than the whole 500, but that mofaset trio is juicy :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Dunu 3001 and FiiO FH7 are both great iem’s might also be worth checking the new Fearless S8z’s too :+1:


I second the s8z’s

s8z would be way over 600 with shipping and taxes sadly

FH7 has my vote!

Z put this out today, I don’t have any IEMs but these somewhat interested me so they might be something worth looking into?

Check out the Meze Rai Solo, pretty awesome single dynamic IEM with great build and comfort with a neutral sound sig for just $250.

I’ve been wanting a pair of V-shaped IEMs. I have my eyes on these two…

sorry, V-shape makes me sick :smiley:

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No worries, you asked for “ideas,” so here you go. They make other IEMs tuned differently as well.

Noble IEMs look dope to be honest :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Etymotic ER4 SR IEMs, the deep fit is not for everyone but the balanced, neutral very accurate sound is superbly done. And the passive noise isolation is outstanding. Good build quality, well accessorised and well within your budget.

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