Looking for IEM for music prod + CSGO

Hi all, sorry if in wrong category.

I will keep this simple, im looking for ether one or two IEM’s that are suitable for music prod + some CS:GO. My budget is maximum £300ish.

For music Prod I just need a nice neutral flat sound (or a easily identifiable response curve that I can keep in mind) with decent soundstage and for CSGO positioning and soundstage would be key.

Shure SE535 and SE425 come into mind here, boring and flat but that’s what I need when mixing.

Other than that I’ve heard good things about the fiio FH5 for gaming and soundstage. Would the fiio or shures be suitable at both roles or should I be look at getting both as a minimum?

LZ A7 is versatile enough to be used as a monitor and also for pure music enjoyment + gaming.

This is your “all-in-one” iem lol.

Thanks for this, will have to consider this one a bit longer as its at the very top of my price point.

Hows the soundstage like?

Huge, one of the biggest I have heard for iems (in my top 3 for sure).

I should mention that the price usually drop to around 280 usd on aliexpress during sales.

And I recommended this one since it can do everything you want an iem to do. So thats a great iem if you just want one single iem. Otherwise you will probably need to spend more to get multiple iems for all your requirements.

although, if you want as cheap as possible. I would recommend getting an earbud for gaming instead of an iem. and then get something like the HZ heart mirror or perhaphs the tin hifi t2 for your production. (I havent heard the mirror or the T2though but they seem likely to suit you)

I will keep an eye on it! Earbud for gaming is a idea, Ive actually tried the Tin T2’s but I’ve struggled to find a tip that kept it balanced. But thats just a case of trying more till it works.

If isolation isnt important, then earbuds are definitely the best value for gaming.

NiceHCK MX500 would be my rec for earbud gaming