Looking for IEMs for Competitive Esports

Hello all!

I hope you and your family are having a good time over the holidays as well as staying safe during these hard hitting COVID times.

I happened to stumble across this forum in the search of some good IEMs that have great imaging and soundstage, as footsteps are key in my game. I have been lurking and looking at similar posts but I decided to post just to get the best opinions from people who know about these things more than me.

Background info: I play Rainbow Six Siege on a collegiate esports level, as well as at a semi-proish level, and if you have ever played this game you know sound ques such as footsteps, barricades breaking, etc they are key. I currently am using the 7hz timeless as they were recommended to me, however, they aren’t proving as good as they were hyped in my opinion in terms of gaming, music wise they’re amazing. So I have around a 220$ budget, as I am returning the 7hz timeless, and will use the money I get back to buy these new IEMs.

DAC: I plan to drive these IEMS with the Qudelix-5K

Also, before you recommend or say headphones over IEMs, Headphones overtime start to hurt the top of my head and I wear glasses, which make it a huge pain on the sides of my head.

So any help is greatly appreciated as I am fairly new to this scene and just need some help/advice!

IEMS I am currently looking at:
The TANCHJIM Oxygen, really thinking about spending the extra $$ to afford these.
The TANCHJIM Hana is the one I am leaning to the most.
Lastly, The Moondrop Starfield I’ve been looking at getting cause I heard the soundstage is immaculate in terms of the price.

You’re never going to beat good headphones with IEMs for gaming. It’s just not happening. I pulled down the 8k peak and boosted a little bit at 12k like someone suggested on the KZ CRN/ZEX Pro and they’re actually surprisingly good for gaming. Decent soundstage and depth and pretty good imaging as well. Pretty much every IEM I’ve ever tried hasn’t come close to headphones but for the $35 they cost and with a tiny bit of EQ they’re pretty good, but I wouldn’t spend much on IEMs for gaming because they’ll never compete.

Headphone comfort is definitely a pain to get right (i wear glasses too, so i feel your pain), but if you ever have the chance try the Dan Clark audio headphones, they’re super comfy and are all around amazing for gaming and the Beyerdynamic DT880/990 are super comfy too and image with the best of them but since you’re running a Quidelix 5k they’re probably not the best buy since the 600ohm variants are the one you want.

Yeah I know abt the whole IEMs can’t beat headphones dilemma but it’s what I prefer right now I don’t have to adjust them every 15 minutes due to discomfort.

I will say in terms of headphones I have a JDSlabs AMP/DAC stack I used to run with my old headphones

Thanks for your advice tho I greatly appreciate it

Get Earbuds instead of iems if you cant use headphones.

Take a look at the K´s LBBS.

(or take a look at the Koss KSC75, those are my gaming set.)