Looking for IEMs with soft sound for bassy pop, EDM, and Hip-Hop

So, I’ve used headphones and found myself like a warm sound with a V/U/W signature. I’m planning to use it for movies/music listening/competitive FPS, so overall soundstage and imaging are important. My current budget for the IEM is about 3500$. Can I get some suggestions?

What source gear are you going to be using to run them? Especially in that sort of price range you definitely want a good source.

That is a very nice budget. As @Kron mentions, source gear is important, but are there other IEMs you’ve tried to know that they work for you in general as a form factor? What have some of your favorite headphones been, and off of what DACs/Amps?

My source gear is RME ADI 2 DAC. Its sound is a bit hollow to me without EQ.

My favorite headphones have been: Most Sony, Bose, Beats headphones, Sennheiser HD 660s, Philips Fidelio X2HR, Meze 99(both neo and classic), and Campfire Cascade. They seem to be all warm-sounding, and I’m looking for an IEM similar to these.

Are you mainly looking to use your IEMs at a desk mainly? Or would you also be looking at portable use too?

I’m planning to use it only for my desk. So it doesn’t have to be portable-friendly.

@MON what’s the Thummim like on bass as I believe the soundstage is good? not sure about imaging but that my well depend on the source.

Do keep in mind that the use-case is a bit more than portable vs. non-portable though. If you get an IEM that is sensitive and source-picky enough, it may not sound great on your desktop amp. Also, some will hiss quite badly, but can be helped with an impedance matcher like ieMatch.

Hugo2 and C9 will hiss with low impedance sets just two desk/portable options as @Veritas said, most desktop sources will require an iFi iEMatch but most iFi portable devices deliver a black background.

I use the Sony Z1R for this. It is not overtly warm, but on the warm neutral side. V shaped, incredible bass, soundstage and imagining. I use them for those genres you listed as well. Treble is sparkly. There is a little recessed mids, so depending on tip choice, male vox can sit a little lower. They are huge and people find the fit a problem so, make sure you can return if they don’t fit.