Looking for interface -> amp that'll accept zero-latency monitoring


I am currently using a Boya BY-AM1 USB interface for my headphones. I have previously been looking for a more powerful interface (the headphone out), but have since realized that I might be better off plugging an amp to the output of my interface. The reason I don’t use a dedicated DAC, is that I also have a mic plugged to my Boya, which picks up sound and plays them to me via low latency monitoring - say if someone rings my doorbell while I listen to music - And I won’t be without that feature. It’s also handy not having to switch units for when talking on Discord and such.

So, here are my questions:

1: Do any of you have experience with plugging a headphone amp to a USB interface? I know Zeos did it with the Motu M2, but I had too many problems with that interface, so it can’t be that one.

2: Is there a name for the feature i’m looking for?

I asked Boya about this, and got an answer in broken english that I can’t quite make out, hence my questions.

Feel free to have me elaborate, if any info is missing.

Thank you!

Unless both the interface and amp have a balanced (XLR or TRS) connection between them, this is an easy way to create Ground related issues.

“Talkback” is the name of that functionality. You are unlikely to find that outside of amps aimed at studios.
Alternatively, “ducking”, which means making the main audio feed quieter in order to have an announcement play on top of it.

The easiest way to achieve this is by using a small and simple mixer between DAC and amp to feed in some external source.