Looking for Light & Small headphones

My sister is looking for light and small headphones.
She has AKG K-72’s which fit my head, are too big for her though.
My Porta Pro’s have the same size issue resulting in excessive pressure on the ears (even in the light setting).

She wants open back.

  • EU (Germany)
  • 50€ soft limit
  • no amp

I am thinking KSC75’s (30€) may work, maybe Sennheiser HD-100 (31€)

Unless she’s going to be bothered by the clip, KSC75 is a good option. The KPH30i has less clamp than the Porta Pro, btw. That may be very nice with some Yaxi pads.


KPH30i are hard to find in the EU.
Yaxi Pads would blow the budget.

aw man that sucks

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Really does.

I wonder if Koss knows how much market they are missing. Imagine if they were on Thomann.de :smiley:

Yaxis are also available for 15€ but well shipping
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Good find.

KOSS Porta Pro… EDIT: oops, I did not read your message carefully.

Can you get a parts express headband where you are? Probably KSC75 is indeed the best option. If she doesn’t like clips and Parts Express is available, you can get their cheapo headphone for headband donation.

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Have to check. I would guess not.
Have to ask about ear-clips.

Will report back in a day or two.

Check on Massdrop the Emu Purpleheart.It cost a bit more but it worth it.
Is lite on the Head,a very good Soundstage,and good for little Ears.:wink:

Actually Massrop have the Walnut edition online but i don‘t know how good it is.
I had luck it passed to the Custom so i don‘t have payed tax for it.
It‘s a 50:50 chance.But the Tax are not expensiv when pay it.

Problem with Massdrop and being in the EU.

With shipping added, price is at $90 (= 76€). At that point, I might aswell save 1€ and go for AKG K-361 or Sennheiser HD 559.

Any opinions on the Teenage Engineering M-1?

Definetly fits the light and small. Question is in fit.

Are TRRS to 2x TRS cables somehow non-existant? Spent the past hour looking through products and found cheap-AF ebay thingies or hand crafted for 40€.
The impossible cable…