Looking for linear PSU for a dac

I’m looking for an linear psu with 12volt, and 2.5amp (or higher) output, any recommendations?

Could try hear

I have one of these on my chord DAC.

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No personal experience. Friend was going to order this one PL50-Low Noise Regulated Linear Power Supply
Was not very taken of my personal opinion. :laughing:

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Wow MCRU has great consumer service LOL, screw them.

Hello sir

We don’t give out any information other than whats on the Web page.

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Hello, can you provide more information on your linear PSU specifically the variant for RME ADI-2 DAC FS https://www.mcru.co.uk/product/linear-power-supply-for-rme-adi-2-dac-fs/?v=fd4c638da5f8 your page doesn’t provide much info on it: what’s the maximum current, voltage drift and ripple? Also a few pictures of internal construction would be nice.

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Fiio has provided scope shots for pl50 at 2 amp load (12 volt) the ripple is 12mv, that’s not good but not bad either, and unlike switch mode supply the ripple is at mains frequency (50-60hz) which should be easier to filter for voltage regs inside the gear you’re powering.
Here are some other psus I have for comparisons
output voltage, ripple, average ripple frequency
Switch mode generic 3 amp plug pack 12v 20mv 8khz
Switch mode Artic USB PSU 5v 10mv 12khz
High end switch mode pc PSU 12v 6mv 25khz
Switch mode plug pack designed for analog gear 5v 2mv 40khz
Another switch mode plug pack designed for analog gear 12v 3mv 45khz
Switch mode regulated lab psu 12v 3.7mv 35khz
no brand 80 EUR linear regulated lab PSU 12v 2.5mv 50hz
Another linear regulated lab psu 12v 1.1mv 50hz
And another linear regulated lab psu 12v 0.3mv 50hz (note that this one has pretty poor efficiency and a loud fan)

12mV peak to peak is pretty good, honestly. Not Keithley 2470 amazing, but mid-range bench PSU amazing.
My GPP-4323 when freshly switched on is at <2mV p-p, then settles down over half an hour to be just outside spec.

Measurements taken as shown and 1mV/div, 20MHz bandwidth, 1x Probe, no load.

And here is with 1A load (yes, Standard Deviation got tighter :slight_smile: )

Edit: For comparison, here is a cheap-as-dirt SMPS also at 1A load:

Yes, it is not hitting 12V at the end of its cable (so no remote sensing unlike most modern laptop PSUs).

Edit 2: Was dumb and only loaded to 100mA instead of 1A, changed out the shots now.

I got all of my lab gear used, apart from soldering iron, so no idea about prices if you’re buying new, but my seasonic pc PSU has two times less ripple than fiio, not to mention it 800w rated. the worst linear psu I have is about 2.5mv peak to peak almost half a magnitude better than PL50, but on the other side PL50 doesn’t have an annoying fan

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