Looking for music speakers

I’m looking for music speakers and my budget is around 500 euros. I can go higher if needed.
The speakers are mainly for listening to music while I work on the PC. I like all genders of music but usually, I prefer the more energetic kind of music and I really like bass but it should be controlled. If I could resume in two words what I’m looking for is fun and warm.

I have a Motu M2 which has a decent DAC and I don’t have an amp. The budget is just for the speakers, if I need to buy an amp I can do it. But I think powered speakers would be good because it’s one less thing at the table. I don’t have space constraints, just trying to have less stuff.

I was really inclined to an Adam T5V and T10S. It’s a little more expensive than what I’m looking for but I’m ok with paying more for something really good. My only concern is if the sound is gonna be analytical? Because for sure I don’t want an analytical sound.