Looking for my first AMP

I am looking to get my first AMP soon and I was looking at the JDS Atom or the Liquid spark. I wanted to get the 'Mass’Drop THX because everyone said its the only AMP you would ever need. But the 400$ kinda was a no at that point. And I saw Z released a video on the SMSL SP200 and it looks awesome and all. But would it be worth getting it for my first or just get an Atom or Spark and be happy? I already have a DAC Thanks to Z telling us when there are sales.

Unless u plan on using beefy power hungry planars, the JDS atom or liquid spark has plenty of juice. They both perform basically the same. the atom being every slightly more “clean” and the spark being a healthy chunk better on build quality. Mostly the choice between the 2 comes down to aesthetics.

You would be very happy with either.

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I would say the jds labs atom or liquid spark are great choices. The atom is probably the cleanest amp you can get for the price. The spark has more power and is also a bit warmer which some may like. Also if you ever plan on getting powered speakers, the atom has preouts so it can act as a volume control for powered speakers. If you have any planars I would suggest the liquid spark because of the extra power

It were not bad from your side when you say what Dac you have and Headphone,so is maybe better to find what a right amp.
And what you prefer in sound.
You like clean,warm analitic?

I propose you to show the Schiit Magni 3 or Schiit Vali 2.
Vali 2 when you like it warmer,with the right tube you can get it.

For the price the two amps are very good for a smaller budget.
And for the furure i find is it enough,and they are powerfull.

Is just my opinion but the schiit are the best Price for an Amp.You didn‘t need more.
I like the Vali 2 why is it warmer as the Magni not so Static in Sound,and the clearity are better.
But you must heard it.

The Jds labs are not bad too,but is not so beautiful in construction i find,to many plastic.Schiit are Solid ,metal,made in America Style.
I like it,and i am German :blush:.

But is your Money you decide it.:wink:

Well I don’t have any Planars yet. But I would down the road. Just thought with the SMSL SP200 I would “Future proof” a little and I hate to use that phrase but so Either or aint back if getting that SMSL SP200 is too much for my first AMP. And I have heard some things from Schiit my friend has a whole set up with them. And Idk to me just sounds a little muddy? It aint bad but people have said Atom and Spark just sound cleaner.

Schiit amps kinda have a compressed sound that some may or may not enjoy. The spark or atom are better refined then the magni or fulla

I think the new Asgard 3 is less so, but it’s not as clean as the atom or thx

I’m on a quest for a DAC and Amp that are neutral, uncolored, clean / clear and transparent.

I believe the JDSL Atom amp and the Khadas Tone Board DAC are that. I didn’t think it could be accomplished at such an affordable price, but it can! :slight_smile:


Yeah, that should get you pretty far too

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What’s a frist amp? trololololol

So when you listen to your friend and you find the Schiit is muddy for you so not buy it.
There where not a Good choise for you.
Tell us first what for Headphone you would to use,so we can added a Amp for you who the People can say yes good choise or no not good choise.
Not the Amp alone is important,the Headphone is important too when you would something is good and for a longer using time.
And maybe you don‘t need so much money for a Amp,and spend the rest of a good RCA cabel and all are be fine😉.

But you can do what you would is your Money.
Please don‘t say later is it meeeehh why no one have say the true.
And last but no least,your Ear say yes is it good i will keep or not good, and return it back.

For example
My Cambridge Audio Dac Magic 100 with Schiit Vali 2 and the Fostex Tr x00. Actually i am ill,no listing anything some days.Today it was the first little sesion.I sit down look my playlist.
And heard and i loved it, i can relax,i smile why the Base is Good,oh the Biatch have a nice voice :slight_smile: ect
And i think oh wow good when you can have this feeling founded you will keep your Setup.

Try the jds labs a few days when is good keep it ,when not try another one.

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I would be using a shp9500 and 2 Sennheiser’s I bought a 58X, and my friends and family surprised me with a used 650 for my birthday but my PC cant make them sound good at all. I would also be using a D30 as a DAC. I was in about a year or so maybe get a Planar to add to my little headphone collection. And I understand not to just blow my money for the sake of just saying I have it and not like it. But I do tend to trust Z on his word. So I just thought about asking others like him and who are more knowledgeable than I am in this world. But So far many including you have said to get an Atom,Spark or Magni. So I may just go that route. I do Thank yall that have replied and if more want to to give me their two cents I will gladly take it before I do make a purchase.

The Liquid Spark is a nice little amp and I am very happy with it. It has some warmth and some bass. I got an open box for $80.00. More power than I will ever need, but I don’t listen loud. Might fall short if you have hard to drive headphones.

The Atom is the better measuring unit, which means it is quiet, clean and I assume neutral.

The SP200 would future proof you in that it gives the option of running XLR and powering harder to drive headphones. Cheap for a THX amp, but a lot more than Spark.

Headphones. It can not power speakers just to clarify

That would be a typo.

Out of curiosity how would you compare the jds atom v liquid spark v magni heresy/3+?

So imo I think the atom vs heresy the heresy is just a higher power atom imo, they sound so close and the heresy has better build too. IMO I would skip the 3+, as it sounds good but is a bit more colored but not really anything that personally caught my attention. The liquid spark is going to be warmer and more relaxed, also smoother and wider sounding.

So imo I would say if you wanted something clean and transparent with lots of power go with the heresy, if you want something warmer and less harsh, go for the spark. I think I would only go for the atom if you want to use iems because it has a bit lower noise floor than the heresy but that’s only noticeable with very very sensitive iems. The 3+ is in a strange place imo, it is solid, but personally I don’t know if I would recommend it over the other options

Cool, thanks for the explanation!

Please do not buy khadas tone board
Use fiio btr5 as dac instead