Looking for my first non Ipod DAP

My budget is around $400

Currently I’m using a custom Ipod Classic with the Wolfson DAC

I’d like for it to be able to use Spotify which I think means I would need android based but I’m also potentially willing to sacrifice that if the player is worth it

Right now I’m going in between Moondrop Starfields and GR07’s

If it matters I mostly listen to rock and metal but a little bit of everything

I have a fairly large library of music

Not sure what else matters, any recommendations?

ibasso dx160 is getting some very decent reviews.

It’s the DAP I’m looking at at the moment.


I second the Dx160. The sound is very good and it can power over ears too.

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I know some others find the slightly laggy performance (speed) frustrating, but I really like the Hiby R5. Full Android and plenty of power to drive most anything…and sounds good

Is there a cap you’d like to spend?

$400 would be my max

Hiby R5, Fiio M11 and Dx160 are around that price. You could buy used too. In Headfi there are usually some for sale.

Ah! I missed that earlier. I think the M11 is right up your alley! You’ll get used to the U/I interface pretty quickly. And operating within your streaming app of choice, you won’t really notice anything android. Then the fiio music app is actually REALLY pleasing for anything you want to play from a micro SD. Definitely a safe buy!