Looking for new gaming headphone


So im looking to buy new headphones. Currently running Logitech g935. Its mostly for playing shooters like squad,EFT,RB6.

I have no clue of audio so i need some help. I have seen DT880 and the TYGR 300R being recommended.

My only issue with these is that the cable is not removable. Im worried that these will break fast.
Also im not into those big desk mics. Are there good wireless option to put on those headphones?

Any other headphones you guys recommend? I live in europe so anything from drop is not really an option.
Willing to buy an amp/dac. budget around €400

Thanks for your help

as a long time 990 user adn abuser the cable has showbn very little wear or signs of breaking beyerdynamic makes these robust. since you have a pretty good budget may I suggest an alternative if it still concerns you. you could buy these brand new and get it delivered to these guys and possibly get it modded. I cant say I had any personal experience with these guys but they seem to be a a good modding service based in spain

That is an option. What ohm should i take? 250 or 600?

Im looking at these but it seems these are only 250ohm

Alright i did some reading. So im going for these https://europe.beyerdynamic.com/dt-880-edition.html the 600ohm version and for dac/amp going for the liquid spark and a topping D10s.

All i need now is a mic and im good?

I would say that the 880’s are pretty boring to many especially for gaming. The 990’s would be better in this case. Now for a mic, you could take any modmic, I would say the modmic 4 uni or a USB mic. Also for easier “gaming” features and better sound customization, you could get the sound blaster X3 and there you have both output and input for a 3.5mm mic. Now if you want the 600ohm 880’s the X3 wont drive them as well as the liquid spark I don’t think.

Disagreed, 990 is incredibly sharp and poses extreme potential sibilance problems. Swap the pads on the 880 if you want it more fun and engaging.

+1 but I’d say the g6 as it has the better sound and dac in it. X3 as sxfi mode which quite honestly is pretty trash

Not as well as the spark but x3 and g6 can drive them without any huge flaws it just wont be the best sound quality from the headphone but that takes a hell of a beefy setup to max out the 600 ohm beyer sound qualities