Looking for new headphone recommendations

The DT1990’s might be a side grade or step up from the sundara. maybe go for that?

If you need a headphone that can basically run on anything I recommend the focal listen pro.

If you want something more aggressive than Sundara, the Thieaudio Phantom are actually really good. If you want something similar but with more bass, that’s a really good option.

I wouldn’t really recommend the phantoms, there is a lot of work to get them to sound good imo, the verum 1 is a better choice imo


Verum 1? Ah, forgot about those. Yes those are probably much better.

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I just saw Joshua Valour’s video of them. Are the QC issues still prevalent?

At times yes, although there is a mk2 so that may improve things. I just personally know I would take the verums over the phantoms for sure imo

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A lot of recommendations given, but remember that he found the Sundara too smooth. That is key.

Correct, that’s why I’m thinking the 1990 or the verums

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I agree with you, solid choices that scale well if gear upgrades come next.

I ended up getting the 880. I’m thinking I’ll see if I like those and if I do look to upgrade to the 1990 in the future


Nice, curious to hear your thoughts on them :+1:

600 ohm version? Silver color? And what amp do you have for them?

They’re the 600 ohm black special edition ones. I have them hooked up to fiio k5 pro, which runs them in low gain with the volume cranked to 3 or 4 o’clock. Haven’t had too much time to listen to them, but I’m liking them so far. They sound more natural than the sundaras to me, but they’re definitely pretty bright on some songs. Really great for gaming, the imaging is excellent

Perhaps try picking up some silver 880 pads, they are less bright than the black pads and more even sounding imo (just more impressive)

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@basedgods_dog Yeah they did something weird with the black pads for the special edition, they change the tuning to make them too bright compared to the regular silver version. If you like the comfort of the black version though and would rather keep it, buy the silver pads for them. That will fix the sound. :wink:
Or you could return them and get the regular silver version instead, whichever you want to do.

For whatever reason the 600 ohm silvers were not in stock on Amazon. I’m liking the black ones more the more I listen, and I think some of the brightness was from me running my amp on high gain when the headphones don’t need it. The sundaras were the first open headphones I had tried, and I think some of my complaints were alleviated by getting adjusted to the sound. I still prefer the 880 I think. I think the speed and instrument seperation of the sundara might have something to do with them sounding thin or too smooth to me. I find the timbre and all-around presentation of the 880 more natural and enjoyable. The sundaras are definitely more detailed though.

I live in the city, and trying open backs has made me realize there’s a whole lot of street noise that makes its way into my apartment lol. If I wanted a closed back instead, how do the dt 177x go sound compared to the 880? @M0N

The 177x is less bright and a bit less extended, warmer and a bit more relaxed. It does have better technicalities though. The 1990 might be up your alley lol, detail hog

Lol I never knew detail is what I like, but now that I’ve heard it I kinda crave it. Im afraid I’m fully down the rabbit hole now lol. I like the oh10s a lot though and I think those are supposed to be warm and v shaped, so maybe I’m too new to know exactly what I like and want, or at least to articulate it well