Looking for new headphones under $100 (£75)

So I’ve been looking around for headphones for gaming (mainly Overwatch but might expand) and music. So far I’ve found the m40x, SA CB-1, CAL, and mh751, mainly through Zeos. I’m completely open to any suggestions, I know next to nothing.


  • Decent bass (I know that goes against the hyper-gamer ideal but I just like bass)
  • Closed-back, since I’ll be using them to commute
  • Detachable wire, although this isn’t a deal-breaker

Thanks in advance.

What is the used market price there for DT770?

Not great, £90, maybe £80

You can get the 32 ohm variant from cex for £60 although not sure how good the 32 ohm one is

I’d just save up and get a new pair of 770s and not waste the money on a pair that isn’t nearly as good.

What’s their sound signature like?

Depends what decent bass is to you. most consumer (closed) headphones/IEMS have ear rumbling bass and even the dt770 can feel lackluster to my ‘non audiophile’ friends. IMO the dt770 80 ohms are really nice for gaming and probably even the best in its pricerange due to its great imaging and soundstage (for closedback) but the bass can sometimes get in the way (can eq when gaming). Its a great place to start but commuting in them would be better with the akg k361 or m40x (way worse for gaming though).

Right now, through some miracle of ebay the 250ohm model are actually significantly cheaper, but I thought the 80s were meant to have less detailed bass than the 250s anyway. Is the imaging/soundstage the same between the models?

Also I can get the 32ohm for about the same price. I’ve heard that they have a similar sound signature to the 250ohm, do you think they’ll get me more mileage? (for commuting/without an amp)

I’m probably wrong since I haven’t tested either headphone so I’m open to correction.

Without an amp the 250 is a waste since you wont be able to drive it. Some people like the 80 more than the 250 because of less treble and ‘more’ bass but it seems to be mixed opinions on that between samples. I personally really like my 80’s but I picked it up used and the older models seem ‘better’ on the difference in soundsignature. Take this with a grain of salt though since I haven’t owned the 250’s. I hear bad things on the 32 mostly and would stick to the 80’s myself personally. You probably wont be disappointed regardless I think. Its a really nice headphone and the comfort is soooo nice compared to sennies.

Thanks, I’ll look for an 80 pair used.
Do you have any experience with sub-$100 headphones if I can’t find any?

on closed back not really… in that pricerange the 770 is the only one I would buy for gaming purposes. I saw some people mod the phillips shp9500 to a closed back which could be an option for you if you really wanted to. I would advise to just keep looking or settle with an above decent music closed back if you really cant wait. the hyper x line could be for you but its a real step back which you should be aware of. I snagged my 770 for 70 euro’s (only used twice) and they are big on the used market so shouldn’t be hard.

Cool, thank you for the help! : )

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770s are V shaped signature.

80 ohm is bassier slightly less emphasis on the treble… soundstage and imaging is roughly the same though.

do not go below 80 ohms on any of the beyers… they sound absolutely awful… the only exception to that is like the gamer headsets and other headphones from them that naturally just come in low ohms like 177x go, t1 3rd gen, tygr 300r, mmx300, etc. DT beyers should be at 250 ohms with 770s 80 ohm being an exception.

eh pretty much I agree with this for closed back… otherwise if its sub $100 I would say just grab a gaming headset at that point. MH751 and HyperX would be in that area.

I’ll look for the 80 ohm pair, but might go for the 250ohms and deal with the inferior audio until I get an amp. It’ll still be a massive upgrade, that is unless it’s really that bad.