Looking for new headset

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a new gaming headset. The source will be the Xbox controller and laptop. Budget is 200-250EUR but I’m flexible.
I see the PC38X and the TYGR 300R popping up all the time on forums like these and while the PC38X looks very interesting because of the attached mic I’m a little worried for the sound leak.
I do my gaming in the livingroom, so my wife and kid are also there watching tv and stuff. So I’m worried that I’ll annoy them with the sound or maybe that I’ll be annoyed with their sound :laughing: I never used an open back headphone so I have no idea.
I think a closed back is better in this situation, anyone have recommendations? What about the Sennheiser GSP 600/Game Zero or the Beyer MMX-300?

Thanks for helping!

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Game One is open/semi open as well, keep that in mind

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I’d say it’s between the PC38x and the MMX300.

I love my MMX300 you need to get the Dekoni choice leather pads. This is a must not an option. But they’re like a T50 Argon with better treble. They’re incredible and an easy recommendation

Woops, I mean the Game Zero :grin:
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That’s a question with a few “traps”…

If you spend up to 250 euros on headphones and plug em straight into your laptop, I fear you might be surprised at how bad it sounds (“thin” sounding + interferences + noises). Same for the Xbox controller, probably.

If you’re not an “audiophile”, the Cooler Master MH751 headset for less than 100 euros might just be what you need.

Then, if you care about music, there’s 150 euros left for a small dac/amp combo for your laptop… Which could actually show you how good 300Rs can sound, for example.

Otherwise, 300Rs only, could (?) give you decent soundstage, even plugged into a controller, which is useful in games to know where your enemies or competitors are for example. And they’ll still sound great. But… 250 euros of headphones plugged straight into a controller or straight into a laptop… means the controller or the laptop will be the “bottleneck”.

Here’s another suggestion that might be good and might counter these bottlenecks… Audeze Penrose X? :thinking:

mh751 if you want budget closed back that doesn’t suck

mh752 if you want the added equalizer

Penrose if you want wireless that doesn’t suck, before anyone mentions flight… no… garbage, bloated, overly bassy, etc

Hyperx Orbit if you want wired variation of penrose but still planar

pc38x if you don’t care about sound quality and just want a good headset

mmx300 if the dt 770 with a modmic is out of the question.(demands quite a bit of power despite low ohms)

tygr 300r only if you can get a modmic… pretty much best of all worlds when it comes to open back gaming “headsets” (requires quite a bit of power)

steel series(only arctis pro is worth looking at) the meh jack of all trades headset that has its own dac

Astro a40 and a50 the alternative to the steel series with meh jack of all trades.

I thought that Sennheiser and Beyer were the way to go for better quality?
I’m a little on the fence for a open back one cause of my living situation, otherwise I bought the PC38X

I have no problem with a headphone with seperate mic. Which ohm version of the DT770 do you recommend for controller/laptop use and which modmic?

Wireless would be cool but saw much negative reactions popping up for the Penrose X… So I don’t know about this one.
I thought Sennheiser and Beyer are the way to go for better quality? Will look into the MH751 which you suggested.

I’m glad that you love your MMX300. Leaning towards this one now :smile:

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All beyers I’ve found have excellent build. Sturdy and great materials most of all sound.

It really is a top tier headset. Please get the pads and with them the isolation is off the charts, seal is strong, mic quality is on par with a USB blue yeti. Sound like a T50rp Argon.

The cable setup is good as well. Definitely on the more expensive side of headsets but we’ll worth the money. Otherwise definitely PC38x

depends what your looking at in terms of quality. PC38x from sennheiser is a great headset… but the sound quality is pretty bad due to lack of detail retrieval, separation, average soundstack, bad imaging at 9 and 11 oclock, relatively cheap build, and a decent mic.

MMX300 is overpriced as its a 770 in low ohms… while its a very great closed back… at $300 you can easily just get 770 for $100 + an amp dac + a modmic and call it a day. However, beyerdynamic headphones are built extremely sturdy.

if its a large issue and you need isolation… skip it. People seem to worry about open backs as they leak sound… unless your generally close to the person it won’t be an issue… Less its like… a sundara or something that is very open and is quite loud outside the headphone… other than that though your fine with a beyer as the sound leak isn’t that bad… neither is sennheisers.

if your going to roll a 770 you wont be able to use this directly to a console… its too power demanding. Search the used markets for the 770 at 250 ohm (they should be like $100 as its quite an older headphone these days), search the markets for either a k5 pro or Soundblaster g6 if these are over $140 then consider a dedicated stack search like liquid spark amp and dac, jds atom amp and dac, schiit magni/modi. Afterwards you just need the modmic… of which the usb is the best option there but if your going to use a controller you’d probably just want uni… more so if you get the g6 amp as you can plus both uni and the headphone into it at the same time.

penrose is fine but it still has issues. Its better than the mobius was. Regardless of all the people complaining its still essentially one of the best wireless low latency gaming headsets.

I can agree to this as well, mmx is a very good headset but my main concern is power… the console cannot feasibly fully power the mmx300(well… ps4 can’t ps5 can)

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Uh, there’s a ton of other great headphone manufacturers. “Option paralysis” is quite common here compared to “man, there’s no headphones for me”. :stuck_out_tongue:

It definitely requires juice. I’m sure there’s a way to get an amp hooked up with consoles. Whether you actually want to is a different story.

I don’t know about the xbox series x but most of the time I stream the xbox to my laptopscreen via Xboxapp. So I can hook the G6 up to my laptop and plug the headphone in the G6 for the power. Only plug the headphone in the controller if I play with a friend online for the partychat.

That’s also why I’m not sure about open backs because the wife is watching tv next to me on the couch. If she’s binge watching her shows, I put the xbox on :laughing:

Ok, now the Penrose which you and @LeDechaine mentioned is interesting. I’ll always be in doubt, haha :laughing:

Thank you all for your opinions!