Looking for new IEM ($200 AUD Budget)

My current and only IEM’s I have are the Tin T2’s. One more thing I like clarity and good bass. Any suggestions?

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Ikko OH10 might work well for you but I’m not sure of the cost where you are. I own the T2, P1, Tape, a few others of similiar quality, then bought the OH10. The Ikko’s were my daily driver for all genres for quite some time… Then I bought my Fearless S8Fs. Check out the thread about the Ikko OH10s, really great isms for the money (I think).

Edit: Just checked my currency converter and it looks like the OH10 are about 270 AUD. Amazon here in the US has them listed at 189 US. Hope my post helps.

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Shozy 1.1 or Moondrop Starfield would be worth a listen :+1:

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Recommend Moondrop Starfield
Learn more from this thread: Moondrop Starfield (TinHiFi T4 Killer?)

My personal pick would be the oh10, they’re so hard to hate its aggrivating, the only issue I have with them is their 2pin jack, its round but goes into a raised rectangle.

The moondrop starfields are competent, I thought there was an amount of bass bleed

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The oh10s are pretty great if you can get over the weight, they are fairly heavy if your ear doesn’t support them, otherwise pretty sweet

Might be worth checking out the Jade Audio EA3, they have a soft vshape almost ushape sound sig and are very clear and resolving for the price. Also being a ba+dd hybrid unit it has very good bass that doesn’t bleed in to the mids at all, nice and punchy. Really enjoying my pair.

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I concur. EA3’s have the “WOW” factor! Pick up a pair everyone!

They really are quite good and have great clarity. In no doubt due to the good quality knowels BA they used. I’m still just in my first week using them but I will say that I prefer these to my T4 and blons and might be able to take my daily driver spot away from my guideray.