Looking for new iem

Looking for recommendations on an iem that is in the $300 range. Needs good defined bass that is not bloated and highs that are not sibilant. All help is greatly appreciated .

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Penon Globe, Penon Vortex would be two great choices the Globe will be a bit darker for the Mids more laid back highs than the Vortex. But tons of recs in that price rage- but the Penon house sound might be for you. For the extra if you buy the Serial you can get new tips and pure copper cable like the Hakugei Big Rice for $40 and still come under your budget. Cheers J


Surprised that as a Penon fan, you didn’t mention the Penon Serial, since it is considered the IEM for rock, is right at $300.

I am a huge fan of the Mangird Tea, it has a warm tonality and it good for nearly everything. The Tea2 is a bit more expensive, and not quite as special in its tuning.

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Would any of the iems work for the music of the carpenters, marvin gaye and barry white?

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Yup Serial be in there so many great ones theese days I was thinking for someone just starting a single DD and some tips, and Dongle a good start for $300 budget, but as we know it’s easy to keep going and go over :joy:

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too true :metal:

I will be using these with a hiby r6 2020

Good question.

You got me to test drive Barry White and the Carpenters on Mangird Tea.
I listen to Earth, Wind and Fire and Marvin Gaye on them occasionally. Those are both bands that I think of as my wife’s music, but sometimes I enjoy listening to it.

Actually this was a song that my wife and I played at our wedding, so it gets played regularly in my library.

I am going to say that Marvin sounded so good that I queued up another handful of songs for after I posted this. The Teas do really well with vocals, while keeping the highs in check. The vocals on Fleetwood Mac Rumors was one of my favorites on the Mangird Tea when I first got them.

I also have to admit I can’t think of the Carpenters without thinking of the Simpsons. Close to You is Marge’s favorite song.

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Oh yeah. So how do you think that the teas do with the carpenters and the other artists?

If i may can i request a few songs for you to try?

Marvin gaye: all the way around, come live with me angel and i want you.

Carpenters: kiss me the way you did last night, only yesterday and superstar.

Barry white: I’ve got so much to give (the long version), girl it’s true i’ll always love you, and never gonna give ya up.

I am awful at describing sound, but I think they would be a nice match for the description you gave.

Most sibilance comes from the 5k area, which is scooped out on the Tea, making it a really enjoyable listening experience, and a perfect all day IEM. They are one of my favorite IEMs.

If you want some quality reviews, here is the link to the right place here for that IEM, with a bunch of good reviews, and posts from people who are good at describing sound.

I added a frequency response graph with both the Tea and Serial, I couldn’t find graphs in squig on the Globe or Vortex.

So the Teas are fairly neutral with nothing over emphasized, and it really works well for nearly all music I have thrown at them. My preferred genre tends to be classic rock and progressive rock, but I like that they do nearly everything well. Vocals always sound good, but so do instrumental soundtracks.


There are a lot of choices which make it tough. I would think a good single dd would be fine. There probably 100 of them. Tea would be fine depending HOW vocally oriented you are you might like the Yume. All I am trying to say is there are lots of choices. Hanna 21 might do very well.