Looking for open back planar upgrade from T50RPs. Monoprice open back planars

I’m relatively new to this hobby, I have some headphones, but recently started to dig deeper into this.

For reference I have the following cans:

Fostex T50RP (slightly modded, pads changed)
Hyperx Cloud Orbit (Audeze Mobius minus BT and head tracking)
Takstar HI2050 (pads changed)
Superlux HD681 (pads changed)
Koss UR40 (pads changed)
Taotronics Soundsurge 46 (for the NC)
plus a couple of IEMs, TWS earbuds

Right now I’m looking for an open back large planar as a next step. I’m about to get a Monoprice open back planar headphone, but it’s hard to decide between the following 3 options:

1060 (194 EUR)
1060C (to be opened) (220 EUR)
1070 (288 EUR)

I’m not afraid to mod any of them :slight_smile:

I know that Monoprice is very polarizing, but I’d like to give them a try.

Your suggestions are highly appreciated!

Ps.: I’m in Europe, so no access to good price to value ratio audio gear like in the USA. Also, no Drop, or affordable Hifiman (4XX, 400i, etc) available (only with crazy additional costs that make financially non viable)

But for a bit more :euro: you could have a Hifiman Sandara which would be my choice :+1:


Sundara in my opinion would be a better way to go if you can make it work. @Ohmboy is correct.

Thanks for the suggestion. However a bit worried of the infamous Hifiman QC. Also, I heard that it’s a bit bass light… Also, as I’ve seen in the past, that Hifiman starts at crazy prices and in a few years go down like crazy (Sundara original price was 500 EUR, now 350 EUR), I guess this could go down to where the rest of the cheap Hifimans are at around 160-170 USD (at least in the USA, in Europe we only can dream of the prices in the USA…)
So I’m afraid that a HIfiman product is losing its value even more than any other brand on the market…

Thank you! Originally the Sundara and the Deva were on my list as well, but I’m a bit worried about the infamous Hifiman QC and that Hifiman is famous of dropping the price of their products like crazy…

The latest Sundara seems to be pretty solid…I don’t think we’ve had many if any issues reported on here?..by all accounts they’ll give you the best bang for :euro:

Sorry it’s a long read but …

Thank you, I’ve actually checked it already. The Sundara was on the top of my list, but I’d like to have something with more emphasised bass than the Sundara. I need headphones that can go deep to sub base as well…

Of the Monoliths you listed, I’ve only owned the M1070, but from what I’ve heard/read, they’re as good/better out of the box as most of the modded M1060/Cs out there. I never found them uncomfortable, but the build of the headband was lacking for me (much better IMO on the M570). That could be replaced with a Hifiman or Audeze headband pretty easily, though. They are a little on the darker side, similar to Audeze, and very smooth. In some ways, I might have preferred them to my LCD-2F sound wise, as there wasn’t as much treble energy around 10K. Seems like you can get them for a pretty good price, too.

While I’m not personally someone who EQs their headphones, I use the Bass boost on my iFi Zen to get the bass where I need it to on the Sundaras. True, they don’t come with bass out of the box, but that driver is happy to go as low as you want, keep it clean, and fuckin’ slap if you power it and bring out the bass. Of the three Monoprice if you’re dead set on those, go for the 1060C, and mod from there if you want

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Thank you! How do you think the M1070 compared to the M570? Does the M570 have enough bass? Do you have any ringing issue like many people reported? How does the M1070 compare to the LCD 2 you have? (I know it’s not a fair comparison, but the driver is similar).

The M570 is definitely more neutral, but I think the bass is adequate and the build is better. I find them quite enjoyable and have had a hard time deciding to sell them, even now having the LCD-24. I have not experienced the ringing some have complained about. The M1070 by comparison to the LCD-2 is a bit more laid back and smooth, but a similar signature overall.

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you have to change the pads on M570 for HM5 hybrid pads. It will give a solid bass. m570 is insanly detailed.

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