Looking for powered bluetooth bookshelf speaker recs

Hi all. I’m looking around for some speakers that I can use at work. Looking to spend $350 or less. I listen to a wide range of music. I’ve found a few so far like the edifier r2000db and maybe a swan pair if I could find them to actually buy. Maybe an older set that is well regarded? They also can’t be massive. They would be on a shelf that sits under a benchtop. Height isn’t a concern, neither is depth but I just don’t want them taking up an excessive amount of potential storage space.

Don´t know if already too big but Edifier S1000MKII are worth every penny and fit your budget nicely :smiley:

I know theeeese are currently Zeos’ go-to recommendation. I haven’t heard them, but I do have Swans speakers and I’m sure that Zeos isn’t exaggerating because that company just makes quality audio heroin

(and yeah, I know they’re not currently available on Amazon, but I can also confirm Swans representatives are great, you can ask them to send you a pair, I ordered my directly from China with no issues [granted, this was before Ukraine when the shipping costs blew up worldwide])

All of the listings for for the s1000mkii are at $400. I saw in another thread that you got yours for cheap on ebay. Most of the listings on ebay are for the s1000db and the ones that are a mkii have absurd shipping lol. Hopefully I can find a deal somewhere

Ah ok sorry, I only checked in Germany where you can get it for 300-350€

Its all good. Different markets different prices. it amazes me that there are newer versions out now and the mkii is still $400.

That speaks for S1000MKII, it is still quality and probably better than some newer stuff
Build quality and sound is excellent