Looking for purchase suggestions for dac and amp

Hi everyone, I need some valuable advise for buying or upgrading my current equipments. I am using HD600 and T1 gen2 as my main headphones, IEM beyerdynamic Xelento as portable IEM, speakers are t5v pairs, they are connected with focusrite Scarlett solo. Now I’m looking for a desktop setup for them with at least balance outputs for speakers, one headphone output (two much better), remote control (must - I’m happy with the sound quality about the Scarlett solo, if I have a remote to control volume when I’m away from my system that will be end game). I know T1 is like a dac/amp “checker”, anything that aren’t measure (not sure this is the right word) correctly will let T1 sound awful.

Reason for asking in forums is because there are too many expensive options but I know they are much more expensive than its value. Especially for my T1, I’ve tried JDS labs el2 and it’s just so bad. Imagine with with a 400usd combo and making a worse sound than a 100usd sound interface. LISTEN AND WATCH TOO MANY YOUTUBE VIDEOS. YouTube or any other reviews are mostly made for selling products. Hope I can find something right here. Thanks in advance for those who try to help me.