Looking for really small headphones

When I was 13, I had a pair of headphones that were really small, only had one wire coming out of the speaker, and it had leather pads. It probably wasn’t good quality headphones in terms of sound but they’re still the most ergonomic headphones I’ve ever had (which I eventually lost). Does anyone know of something similar to that description aside from koss?

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Sounds like you are describing Bose on-ear headphones (two most popular models were SoundTrue and SoundLink on-ear models)

There are similar options:

Another option would be the Marshal Major 4

There is also a wireless version

Sony has some nice on-ear headphones. Something like Sony MDRZX110 (or more expensive model) seems to be something what you are looking for.


@Naturallymorbid @podnosimyszafe the key part of OP’s description is ergonomics.

I cannot imagine small over-ear headphones to be comfortable, but I could be wrong!

In terms of ergonomics, his best bet are those Jabra on-ear headphones or Bose’s discontinued on-ear headphones.

@SomeGuy10002 if you want to go the high-end route, check out Austrian Audio Hi-X50

But they are not small…

Sennheiser has these, they look small-ish

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Also, on-ear headphones don’t last long. Our ears are very oily, so you can imagine how a thin material can degrate and fall apart overtime.

We don’t have all the info (budget, look of your lost headphones, shape, etc.)

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Took that into account mate, im just to keep it on target (small and on ear) as the OP asked

From an fairly short experience with the Marshal , they actually are quite comfy, fairly low clamp and comfy pads.

P.S i do think KPH40s are currently my kings of comfort when it comes to On-ear, due to their non-existent weight and light clamp

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P.P.S id go for IEMs rather On-ear, smaller form factor and in most cases better sound (since IEMs are so well developed compared to On-Ear)

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I guess I can agree. But idk. I had to leave IEMs because of ear problems they caused me.

Right now I’m using Venture Electronics’ Supernova as my daily driver. Koss headphones are also amazing, I’d probs use them as daily drivers if they weren’t so fragile. I like to abuse my daily drivers lol

I assume that’s similar to OP and why he/she is focusing on On-ear

I’d try the 40’s they are way more durable than you think, the benefit of being almost completely made of metal


True! Also, Koss headphones are so sleek, you can likely get away with lying on the pillow.

I’m not sure whether OP wants on-ear or over-ear headphones, but I think we helped quite a bit. OP has several options to look through.


Its definitely not bose, and honestly, i think it wasnt tied to any brand. Also forgot to mention that it only had one wire coming out of the headphone

This actually looks the closest to what i remember, however, it only had one wire coming out of it

Im not really looking for specifically what i had before, because it was probably a bootleg headphone. Though, i really want to find something similar to it. Also another key feature of why i liked the headphone was that the speaker could turn, so you could easily fit it into your bag

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Tbh don’t know anything else I’d recc. Try asking around

Or is it the AKG K451. They were very small and only 1 wire

That also looks very similar to what i had, but again, i dont think it was tied to any brand and was just a bootleg item. Though that headphone looks pretty great according to a what hi-fi review, thanks for the suggestion!

I have not tried them, but the AKG 361 have been praised as a very good price-quality product, with a nice all purpose Harmon target tuning. It’s light, comfortable, and it has one cable and it’s foldable…

It seems that it checks all the boxes.

I actually own one lol. It’s really good, but after about a year, its got this annoying issue where one side will stop working unless you hold the speakers close to one another, or bend it at an angle. I’ve repaired it once at a place but it kinda broke again. It’s also not really good for repairs because the hinge is really complicated and put together by machines, not something you can expect people to put back together by hand well. I’ve kinda reduced it to being my gaming and sometimes bassy headphones, and now im trying to find a new daily driver that i can wear comfortably on bed or even outside