Looking for replacement for dt 770 pro

Gonna say, the majority of clamp force issues can be changed by bending the headband back or putting them around something bigger than your head when you’re not using them. Most headphone out of the box clamp a bit too hard on purpose to fit smaller heads or stay on people’s heads.

So trying to find headphones that have light clamping force from the box might be hard, and they can end up bring too loose on your head.

I did that and after 6 months my ears got callus on them x)

990 is incredibly sharp… you need a good amp for either headphone. Less you really need alot of bass go with 880. 250 ohm 880 has less brightness than 600 ohm but 600 ohm has better sound qualities.

No, just because its sheepskin doesnt instantly make it better. Pads change the sound and there is a difference between the kinds of leather. The regular leather is fine, sheepskin is obnoxiously expensive and makes them too boomy…

Speaking from experience to keep its signature you want either velour or perforated. Isolation regular leathers. More v shape hybrids. Suedes make it bassy as hell and deplete the treble similar to that of the sheepskin

For competitive stick with perfs or velour

Well, I think that’s also a sign of wearing headphones for too long… like sound engineers who listen for 6+ hours a day often take breaks and switch between headphones and speakers. Most recommend not wearing headphones for extended periods of time due to hearing and irritation.

Personally, I switch between headphones, speakers, and IEMs. It’s a difference in hearing and comfort across the spectrum. IEMs for work as I wear glasses, headphones for personal listening, and speakers for normal content consumption. For personal listening, I think properly fitting IEMs with foam ear tips are the best for long periods.

I’m just trying to say, wearing headphones for very long sessions is going to always have issues. If you temper your expectations, you’ll have less frustration.

I’ve never heard of Beyers pads flattening this quick I assume the headphone is being heavily used… regularly a little over a year and the velours of the beyer should get changed as they get nasty anyway less it’s like the t1 pads and you clean them

Granted dekoni pads are like twice as thick so he shouldn’t have any issues post pad swap… if anything itll increase clamp but the pads are very soft memory foam

I guess if I could get my hands on secound hand TYGRs that would be ideal for me since I have no amp atm

I’m in the camp of it’s time, not your cans. I’ve tried a variety of headphone manufacturers, and short of the Velour ZMF’s on the T60s I have, the Beyer pads on my 770 and 880 blow every other headphone I’ve ever worn out of the water. Not necessarily in clamp force, but Beyer’s suede pads seem to be universally considered some of the most comfortable pads out there. At least I’ve never seen someone slam them. I’m not saying they’re everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’ve tried a lot of shit pads and uncomfortable cans, you’ll appreciate how Beyers are generally the least offensive in that area. I mean, you could have a $175K bed, and laying in it 10+ hours a day and even then you might get a sore. Spend 10+ hours a day in a Rolls Royce and I bet you start to still feel a little stiff and claustrophobic.

I can’t recall, but I have seen Z talk about a couple pairs of headphones over all the pairs he’s ever done where he says it’s like literally having nothing on your head, and he takes headphone comfort very seriously. Add on your budget and desired sound signature and those might not even exist.

Funny thing is I’m using some old hyperx clouds while I’m looking for replacement and I have 0 problems. I don’ feel them on my head at all.

Excellent example. There’s probably headphones out there that meet your comfort, but not sound needs, and vice-versa, but like many things in life, even with a bottomless amount of money sometimes you can’t end up with exactly what you want. If you’re really gonna spend that much time in headphones, though, the best sounding cans won’t matter if you physically can’t tolerate them on on your head.

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Thin cheap plastic and designed with comfort not sound in mind. If your expecting gaming headset levels of comfort your going to be disappointed in most cases.

Beyers are designed to be tough as hell… not the best choice for those who cant tolerate a bit of clamp. Stretching them out and changing their pads in most cases solves that issue immediately

Beyers pads are designed to be thin on the ear… they do wear down eventually… once this happens its time to get new pads

That’s sad since I wanted to own a sturdy pair of headphones but the only part you would wish for them to be solid needs to be replaced every 6 months with my usage.

What you mean the pads? Velours and suedes need replaced like that because they flatten easier and collect sweat dirt and grime… others like the leather pads last longer but do flatten with time(1-2 years) Gaming headsets break and flatten too and are made of fake leather

Thicker pads will last potentially longer depending on the foam used… for example dekonis last much longer than brainwavz

I bought 6XX and gonna wait and see how they are but from what I gathered the main problem I had was the shape of pads and not exactly what were they made of.
Thanks for help!

that’s a pretty massive step down in performance for competitive gaming depending on the game, suit yourself hope it works out.

6xx isn’t built as strong as the beyers, it’s a very narrow soundstage so larger fps are a no go, no brighter treble emphasis, pads exhibit the same behavior as the beyers and are velour… as such need changed after a period of time, imaging isn’t as good as 660S or beyers such as DT 990, tygr 300R, etc

I guess I started this thread last year still looking for competetive but now I’m just looking for a daily driver, music and very casual (not fps) gaming. Sorry for the confusion!