Looking for replacement for dt 770 pro

So I returned my dt 770 pro after 8 months because they were incredibly uncomfortable (earpads got squashed and my ears were touching inside of the headphone).
Its safe to say I’m in the market for new headphones around 150/200$ range as someone who works in my house and spends all day by the computer I really need something thats comfy but also sounds nice with music and games.
I tried hd599 and they were ok but I hated how cheap they felt on my head.
Open back no amp/dac. Just gaming (fps/mmos) and casual music listening.


As I mentioned in the other thread:
AudioTechnica ATH-AD500x may work for you.

Signature wise, they are in my opinion a perfect match for gaming use. Reduced Bass (as in quantity, quality is good). They are not in any way sharp in the treble. (for context: I could not stand the treble of the DT-770 250 Ohms when I tried them).

Biggest concern is that their comfort is either spot on perfect or horrible. This is largely due to the cans not tilting and the “headband”-flaps floating (can to a degree be tuned by using hair ties).

Worth looking at I guess. I will check them out for sure.

How did you return headphones you used for 8 months?

If you liked the beyer sound you could try the dt990 they have significantly less clamp force

Or the new hd 560s

I used warranty since wearing these headphones hurt my ears.

I agree they are quite nice for competitive gaming though I would say comfort is a hit or miss due to it’s headband 3d wing design and cheap plastic design. Will also toss in something like k712 into the mix here. dt 770 has the most clamp force of the 3 due to being the closed back so its pads are also firmer and can lead to discomfort though he mentions the pads squishing down… which is an easy fix as he could just buy some dekonis which are much thicker and subjectively more comfortable. I would bring up the Tygr300r as well in that regard as a potential solution.

So TYGRs are a no go since I can buy them here and dakoni pads would cost me 80$ so not really worth it for me when healphones costed 150$.

Still looking for open back (200$) with possible amp/dac in future. Can’t buy any drop stuff since taxes make these prices go way up.

You managed to get me notified when you quoted someone else. That is a first on this forum :slight_smile:

I think I quoted you by mistake at first and corrected it. But it was too late :stuck_out_tongue:

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Shp9500/9600? That seems to be good for both gaming and casual listening, requires no amplifier and it’s under 100 USD

how comfortable are those? I’m spending up to 10+ hours a day in headphones so I need something that I won’t even recognize is sitting on my head.

I hear they are incredibly comfortable but people also day the 770s are super comfortable so eye of the beholder

I think it was definitely clamp force that was the problem for me. sph9500 I can get from Amazon for 100$ (not ideal since we don’t have amazon in Poland) and theres no way for me to get 9600.

Oh sorry the fact you’re in Poland makes it harder

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I would say the 9500 has an annoying fit without a pad swap but they’re amazing for the price after you do it. I don’t know if you can use drop.com but the pc38x is great and after I found out oratory1990 had an eq profile that was really good i decided that i don’t just like them for gaming anymore that they’re at least good all around. If you bump your budget up slightly a lot of options open up. What is your sound preference? And do you have an amp?

I don’t have an amp but I’m willing to add one in the future. I’m only using headphones when I’m sitting infront of a computer. I don’t really have sound preference I do listen to electronic music, 90s pop or hip-hop but also classical. I was thinking about getting 58x or 6xx but since they are on drop I’m pretty sure they will cost me around 300$ and I rather spend that additional money on amp.

is drop even available in poland?

I mean they can ship it here.

strange, tygr should be available everywhere through either the fox bundle or directly through beyerdynamic…

it’s only that much if your looking at something like sheepskins… the regular leathers and the like are around $30-$40 suedes and velours should be around the same.

^ depends on the audio codec… have ran into issues for shp9500 and 9600

bit scratchy in my opinion but next to zero clamp force.

I mean, they are like a set of ear muffs to me… honestly, in this regard I would just say his best bet is just change the pads… 770 is a monster in competitive and does fantastic for casual gaming too it just needs amplification. absolutely love the 770s and the 177x GO that followed

they are closed back, they are supposed to be rather heavy on the clamp to isolate you… if you felt this is the issue switch over to 880 or 990 and try those as they have less clamp


hard pass if he wants music. better off with other sennheisers

everybody has a sound preference, sounds like you don’t know yours specifically is all

id never pay that much for those… lol.

I guess that’s what I was trying to say

I’ll will try those and see what works best, would you recommend 880 or 990 first?

isn’t that the point tho? To get better pads you have to pay extra or would you say the normal ones are worth it too?