Looking for solid pair of wireless earbuds

I’m interested in getting a decent pair of wireless earbuds for listening to music while working out or traveling. Ideally they are less than $200, are fairly comfortable, and could possibly have noise cancelling or can at least muffle background noise. My phone is an iPhone 8 if that affects the suggestions at all. Thank you for any help that is provided!

Airpods pro gen 1, excellent connectivity with apple devices. Good ANC and great sounding for what it is. I should mention, this forum belongs in IEM, not trying to be rude here…

Thank you for telling me that last part, I didn’t really know where to post it and was also torn if I wanted wireless headphone or earbuds.

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no biggie. For travelling and especially workout, i suggest earbuds. Much more compact and convenient, especially if you don’t use bags. Just plunk it in to your pocket and done. For headphones at that price, look for used WH1000XM series.

Thank you for the advice! Will be helpful for considering different choices.

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Liberty 3 pro - on sale for $110 on amazon
could look for refurbished deals they usually come with 2 year warranties and can get them for dirt cheap compared to MSRP

How good are the Sennheiser Momentum TW3?