Looking for some "fun" headphones

Recently, I tired the Moondrop Aria’s. A great set of IEMs - really love the tuning, especially the bass response!

I was thinking about trying out a “fun” pair of headphones next. I am currently using a Schiit Modi 3+ and switching between the Magni Heresy and IEMagni (trying to see which one I prefer).

My current headphones:

  1. HD 600
  2. HD 6XX
  3. HD58X

Anyone have any recommendations for my next pair of “fun” headphones?


Grado hemp is absolutely fun and engaging!


Denon D5200, Emu Teak, Fostex TH610, Beyer DT880/990 600ohm would all be good for a ‘Fun’ sound with bass.


Hey just wondering, would you prefer emu teak or dt177x? I wonder if it’ll be an upgrade, if I should sell my dt177x to get teak

Sorry I’ve not heard the Teaks but have the D5200 and I’m lead to believe the Teaks are “better” than the Denons?..so for fun listening I’d say yes but I’m sure
some of the other members can be more specific when it comes to wood backed sets as they have quite a following on here :smiley:

I have never heard the dt 177x, but the Teaks and the D5200s are both rather close overall with the Teaks personally being better for me. Another can you can consider in the price range would be a used pair of audio technica wp900. At stock config it will give you more bass and sub bass then the teaks, but the mids are much further back and the bass bleeds into the mids.

Goddamn you beat me to it… Okay as an open back alternative the

               Focal Elex 

are the the brother to the Fostex biocellulous drivers. Super dynamic range. and if you like the HD6XX mid range you’ll be right at home the Elex also have that mid range magic, great bass, sensational and excellent imaging, bass slam and really fun. On the right amp they’re awesome.

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fun? Nighthawk Carbons!


Here, here! Listen to @Marzipan.


Maybe used Campfire Cascade as well. Or Argon. Will recommend D5200 and Teak. WP900 is pretty decent but for the price I think it’s better to go with full size.

yes, the Cascades are supposed to be very nice with good bass impact.

Maybe a :dollar: budget would also help :man_shrugging:

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Probably. Otherwise this could get out of hand quickly and not be of any help to anybody.

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Thanks, all!!

Here we go​:pensive::pensive:… Nighthawk gang at it again :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

well, it is a fun headphone and that’s what they asked for. :slight_smile:

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True true. Can’t separate a man from his nighthawks. Maybe it’s just i know once I make the leap to the nighthawk it’s over for me and it’ll be nighthawk gang for life :flushed::flushed:

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resistance is futile… :wink: