Looking for some guidance Headphone+amp (newbie)

I’m new to this scene, and I’m most certainly new to hi-fi headphones.
I’m looking for different price suggestions for a headphone + amp combo. (maybe dec too?).

1: for £350

2: for £550

-Games. Mostly fps (sometimes competitive)
-Music : Trance mostly, techno, rock… but mostly electronical.
-Streaming, video editing.
-Game development

I was suggested to try DT 990 600 ohm , but I’m also thinking about getting dt 880 600 ohm, however on other topics it was mentioned that they might not be the best for my music taste… but would that still be the case with a BasX A-100 amp?

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The greatest part of listening with headphones regardless of the useage really comes more from the actual headphone itself…for the most part.

The amp and “dac” are important but the headphone itself is the most important part…and if you buy and do not like the sound, there is not a lot you can do to change this “alot”…

Best to listen to the headphones if you can with your “stuff” and make the decision more informed.

I think the BasX A-100 amp is a Class D amp and most headphone folks would shy away from a class D amp…

It may work very well…depends on the headphone circuit in it and how well it can play with the headphones your looking at. (600 ohm).

All the best!

Correction: its not a class d amp!! (thanks mon) saw this in a review, mentioned Class D…)

For what you are planning to do, I think the 880 600 ohm makes a lot of sense imo. It works very well for games, is enjoyable for music, and is preferred for editing and content creation. You could grab a lake people g103s and a topping E30 and be set imo

It’s a class a/b speaker amp which can output fully through its headphone output, it’s nice for speakers but personally I think it’s not ideal for headphones (noisy, high output impedance, doesn’t sound as good as a dedicated headphone amp imo)


It is Class AB, Class D with the size of heatsink in there would be 1000W or more…

For under 350 I’d suggest Hifiman he4xx from Drop, JDS Labs Atom Amp and Topping D10(or JDS Atom DAC for a nice stack) - that would be pretty comfortable and fun combo. He4XX has a nice sound signature for electronic music while not being fatiguing or having glaring flaws.
Can’t recommend beyers, they are really fatiguing and their typical peak at highs might even be painful(that’s from my very short experience with 880 and 990 at the expo). 100% listen to them before you spend money, luckily they aren’t uncommon.

Just wondering, what amp were they on, and what impedance were they? I would agree they can be brighter, but they are very dependant on what source they have and what impedance version you have for if they get harsh or painful

It was a Beyer’s stand, so they also brought their A2 amp. Can’t recall the DAC or headphones’ impedance though.

Gotcha gotcha, yeah they can be brighter, but on an appropriate setup I haven’t found them painful or overly harsh. But if you want something warmer and relaxed this is not the headphone lol

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Thank you all for the replies, much appreciated. Unfortunately I don’t have the ability to try out any of the headphones (location and situation reasons). :frowning:

I had Beyer T1 rev 2, Beyer T90, and DT 1350’s…

Many folks state these cans are “bright” and have “hot” treble…on some other sites they are despised to a great extent.

Coming from a dark sounding pair of LCD2’s the T90 were like a shining light…open, clear and yes bright sounding on the upper end…

Depending on what amp I used and the material I used it could easily excerbate this tuning.

I enjoyed then for several years, but my tastes changed slightly and sold them all.

I would not recommend them as a first time set of headphones, unless you get a chance to listen to then and a few others to make sure this is what you really want…

Understand for you this is difficult, maybe try a few retailers that have a good return policy to try some out?

Good Luck!

T90s can be brutal lol, shining light indeed

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So my budget is going to be higher and now deciding between hd660s and dt1990 pro (leaning towards this one).

My question: What would be a good amp/dac combo for £270? (preferably available in the EU)

I was thinking about Schiit Modi & Magni 3 as I seen them a lot in videos, but it seems they are not going to be available for a while. :frowning:

You might look into a Topping E30/L30 stack. The L30 was just released, and should be right in line with your budget. Otherwise, you could swap the L30 for something like a Lake People G103 for a little more warmth or if you can get a Liquid Spark, that’d pair well if you’re leaning toward the 1990.


The L30 delivery time is more than a month in the UK according to amazon UK but I did get in contact with the seller to see (hopefully) if it will be less due supply arrival.