Looking for something similar to Ikko OH10

So I just got these and I am in love with the sound overall, problem is they are too big for my ears, the weight of them might be bothering me too I think and part of it is legit digging into my ear to the point that that area is a bit red. I guess I have tiny ears…So basically I am looking for this sound in something more suited for my ears. I am coming from the GR07 BE I love those and they are very comfortable for me but I was looking for a bit of an upgrade. I am horrible at describing what I like in sound but the OH10 are definitely different the bass is punchy, the sound is crisp the soundstage is wider.

So any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Prefer to spend no more than $300

Shuoer Tape looks similar, probably need eq to reduce the 3,5k spot though. (I have the Tape not the Oh10)

Have you tried tip rolling first? You can get smaller tips for the OH10. Different tips will change the sound some but it’s worth a shot.

I have used stock tips and spiral dots the problem isnt with insertion iit’s 2 things…1 is the weight feels like its pulling down on my canal but the main thing is part of actual IEM is digging into part of my ear outside the canal

Ah. Gotcha. One of the challenges of IEMs, I’m afraid. I’m not an IEM expert so my advice has run its course. Good luck, though.

Yes, i like mine very much too, i find that i need to gently move them around untiL they position just right in my ears, once i get them right i dont feel the weight at all and they sit just fine. Obviously we all have different ears and that might not work at all for you.
I have the Shauer tape and like them very much but they sound nothing like the OH10, IMO.

I really tried over and over and I couldnt get rid of that digging into my ear feeling

Elsewhere these have been brought up, any thoughts on theese or any others you might be aware of?

Fiio FA7
Fiio FH7

I believe the FA7 has the same shell as the FA1, not 100% sure. I own the FA1 and they are pretty big. For me they don’t work to wear them too long because they actually fully seal my ear and create kind of a vacuum. Leading to itching and some pain.

Orioslus Finschi Hifi Edition. Similar sound to the Ikko OH10, but in a CIEM’ish resin shell. It’s very snug and comfortable. One of the more underrated IEMs in my opinion. Check out the ISN H40’s as well. A bit darker sounding than the OH10’s and Finschi’s, but it has the best cable and usable eartips under $200.

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I believe the shozy form 1.4 are/were the competition. 1dd 6 ba, sound you described is what I hear.

I will say the sound is similar with blon 03s and oh10s, tapes do not sound the same at all to me. They lack the bass impact and clarity of the others and are hyper clear mids/highs due to the peak. Under EQ not sure.

@iamloco724 hi, did you find your OH10 replacement?

Yup I went with the moondrop starfield, not exactly the same but very balanced and with the Fiio M11 gives me a big upgrade from what I’ve had for the last 5 to 7 years.