Looking for sub 300$ bookshelf speaker recommendations

i was looking at these but was wondering if theres anything better out there any help would be appreciated.

I have the e25, I use them daily for music, gaming on pc etc. I’m really impressed with them, they sound better than I thought. I’m not familiar with the book shelf speakers though, but I can only imagine how good they could sound.

The Edifiers are on my Xmas list so I can finally retire my trusty 35 year old and still going Sony SRS 150s that cost about 3x in the mid 80s, or 6x accounting for inflation, what the Edifiers do now.
(It was the hot desktop/portable set up when paired with the Sony D50 MkII Discman at the time)

S350DB are nice if you want a sub.

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thx for the recommendation

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