Looking for that low, kicking, sub-bass experience

Hello good sir and madam,

i’m new to this audiophile forum thing and no reviewer seems to answer my question the way i understand,

im looking for a pair of iem with that clear, fairly neutral but have a kicking, detailed and fine sub-bass.

so far i’ve tried some 200 ish dollar iem from branded company (sony, ath, sennheiser, shure etc) they didn’t deliver the kind of fun i wanted.

the only 3 iems that caught my love are

  • zero audio carbo tenore
  • tfz exclusive 1 and 5 (the 3 was meh)
  • vsonic gr 07
  • final audio e3000 (a bit meh)

and i notice tfz and vsonic have graphene drivers, does the graphene driver have characteristic of having fricking awesome sub-bass?

how about you guys? any awesome clear and surprising sub-bass iem?

As of now, my personal favorite ‘fun’ iem would be the bgvp dmg. I listen to a fair amount of bass heavy music, i.e. metal, hard rock and because of these iem’s, I actually enjoy edm as well. I can’t dance to save my soul, but wow, for the asking price of around 140usd, I’m very happy with my purchase. I have found quite a few reviews for these and the word ‘fun’ has come up alot. They eq really well also. I’ve got those hooked up with the monoprice thx portable amp/dac so any adjustment I make to these iem’s are quite pleasing. Good luck on your search. BTW, are you aware fiio just released the FH7 with a 13 m m. dynamic driver? Well over $200 USD, but damn, a 13 m.m. driver?? Can’t wait for the full reviews on those…

Yeah i hear a lot if bgvp have real good bass, im planning to buy those also, but haven’t really got a chance to try it first.

can u go acoustic or like soundtrack from hans zimmer with bgvp? ughh im starting to get impatient

holyshit 13 mm driver, thats almost bigger than my pee pee lol, gotta try those

IMR R1 Zenith has a 14mm beryllium dd in it and if you really want bass (and not much else) theres old reliable sony xb90’s.

The Ikko OH-10 is stunning in the bass. Good speed and definition, I am stunned because I think ive heard things on it I’ve not heard on my over ears. It is balls to the wall fun to listen to.

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