Looking for way to Display IEMS

Now that I’ve dropped an unhealthy amount of money on my IEMs, I need a place to keep them that isn’t just them scattered across my desk. Plus, displaying them would look very cool. But I’m struggling on what would be the best idea.

My first thought is to hang a cork board on my wall, and attach hooks of some sort to it, to hang the IEMs. I don’t want to drill any holes into the wall, so this would probably be the best route. The cork board would make it easy to display my IEMs and easy to grab whichever I want to use (The hooks I already have aren’t enough.) I’m planning on removing the hexagon panels below and replace it with something less “gamer” looking anyways lol. But all of the hangers I’ve looked at use screws, which is what I don’t want to use.

The next option would be simply buying an accessory stand. Main problem is it’ll take up a decent amount of space on the desk. Hung on a wall would be better for space and looks I’d say.

Any of you lovely boys and girls have any suggestions? Curious to see how some of you display your audio jewelry.

Well jewelry case or a watch case would be the first option, if you are like me and you want to show off the IEM without the cable then you can use some Foam to hold it in place.

And if you want to mount it on a wall maybe use something like an Ikea picture self (very short self) and tilt it slightly


That does look very nice, but I would want to display the IEMs, and be able to quickly grab them to use whenever.

Then just put the iems with the cables, it will slightly more cluttered but it will much quicker to pick up and go(also you can take off the top of the case if you really want to pick up and go)