Looking for Wide Soundstage and Detailed Imaging out of Closed Backs. No budget

After something that will give me the closest performance to open backed headphones, but still has that punchy bass you get from closed backed headphones.

Unless there are any open backs that someone can suggest? I don’t really have a budget in mind. I like to have a bit of bass with my music. Haven’t used an EQ for a very long time, and would only use if recommended for a certain pair of headphones.

Currently daily driving the Vokyl Erupts. Waiting for ZMF pads and Hart Cables to arrive which will hopefully improve the overall experience. I recall Z said these have incredibly wide soundstage, but wanted to hear from everyone what their thoughts are.

DCA Stealth is a good option. Objectively, it’s the best headphone ever made. Of course, tuning is subjective, so it’s worth trying them yourself, especially at $4k. Soundstage and separation is considered to be very wide for a closed back, and quite good overall.

I’ve seen it described as “downloading music directly into your brain”

Perhaps consider a Smyth A16 Realiser?

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Thanks for you input! I’ll add the Stealth’s to the list.

I’ve never even heard of the Smyth A16 before. Definitely going to look into it when I have some downtime.

A friend of mine has suggested LCD-X’s with an EQ tune. Would you have any input on that?

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You can add ZMF eikon and and AT AWKT to that list as well.

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verite closed and kennerton rognir


LCD-XC? Probably good. I haven’t heard one. Audeze flagships in general are really good, and truly shine w/ EQ

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Thanks guys for your input. You’ve given me a lot of awesome products to look into.

Living in New Zealand means I don’t get a lot of choices when it comes to listening to most of these headphones before purchasing them, but I’ll definitely do my research.

calling @M0N, one two three…

AV World or Addicted to Audio in Auckland has the Stealth, LCDs, and ZMF.

There’s some ZMF, and DCA down here in Christchurch at The Listening Post

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Thanks for letting me know! I will go and visit The Listening Post when I can. ZMF Eikon’s look very appealing to me.