Looking for wireless but tethered IEM's for an iPhone?

wife loves the Bose SoundSport Wireless…but has gone through 3 pairs in our 4 years of marriage, so I want to try to find something that might be more robust.

she’s clumsy and forgetful, so they need to be tethered, as we’re both certain she’d lose anything that’s true wireless.

she primarily listens to whatever you would call the stuff out of India / Bangladesh / Pakistan and area. I have no idea what you would call it. asked the wife if it has a name and will update if she tells me something.

her sources will be Spotify Premium on her iPhone 11 or Mac Mini.

I am thinking of trying to propose a Bt DAC / Amp and get some wired IEM’s with really short custom removable cables so she can clip it to her collar and not worry about tangles you usually do with wires.

your thoughts and recommendations are appreciated!

Not saying it is the best way but… I use a Fiio BTR3K and connect that with bluetooth to the iphone then have a wide choice of IEMs to use… another choice would be the apple dongle (lightning to 3.5 adapter)

yes, I want to look at something like the BTR3K and hook up an IEM with detachable cables, get some custom short one’s so there’s no tangle and will work very similar to the wireless tethered options.

I just need help to find IEM’s that would be good with my wife’s tastes in music. :slight_smile:

Which is ?? and what budget are we talking? I use everything from $50 Guideray’s to my Campfire Andromeda 2020.

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I suggest you take a look at my OP. I share that detail in the 3rd paragraph… :wink:

My apologies… I do not know how I missed that… For $35 you cannot get much better than the Guiderays and I believe the Blon 03s are around that same price and should work quite well. Both are on Amazon, That price also makes losing or breaking them a little easier to swallow.

Edit… They punch waaaaaay above there price for sure.

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no worries…but are you making the recommendations you did because they’re good in general, or because they would do her music justice?

she is very fond of the sound from the SSW, and when you read reviews, even the experienced are pleased with them. :wink:

Wow… Hard to answer as I have no experience with that music genre?.. I do own the Guiderays, Blons, Fiio FH3, Andromeda 2020 and about 5-6 other sets of IEMs. I mentioned the two due to being inexpensive, Hazi59 also has the Guiderays and still loves them as far as I know and there are others. The Blon is of course popular too. Sorry if I am not more helpful.


your thoughts are appreciated, do not misunderstand!!! :wink:

giving this a bump. suggestions???

Qudelix 5k + short custom cable from XINHS (aliexpress store) + KZ DQ6

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thank you. can you share why you recommend that portable amp and that IEM in particular?

I use the fiio lc-bt2 daily around my neck. Bl-03, tin hifi t3, and mee planamic do the deal.

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that is very much along the lines of something I’d be interested in. are there other brands that have something like this that is iPhone compatible?

and while I’m asking, who else have the ultra portable Bt amps like the Fiio μBTR, but with at least Bt 5.0?

I just saw blon came out with a copy of the lc-bt2 but less battery life and prettier colors. Lc-bt2 has all the codes up to ldac as well and should work well with the iPhone over bt.

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5k has good power, has PEQ, has a mic.

DQ6 is the best budget iem I have right now

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Haven’t heard them, but this seems a pretty good deal from a good brand and in the form factor you’re looking for. Happened across them browsing.

Sennheiser Audiophile In Ear Headphones, Black - $129.99 - Free shipping for Prime members Sennheiser Audiophile In Ear Headphones, Black

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I just Googled reviews on those Senn’s and they’re being panned. about 3 / 5 stars…which isn’t a surprise to me as I have never seen a good review for a Sennheiser IEM. there may be some, but every time I looked, not so much, LoL!