Looking to add a volume remote to Schiit Bifrost 2 and Jot 2

Hey there! So I have a bit of a bone to pick with Schiit.

Recently I purchased the combo of a Jotenheim 2 and Bifrost 2 from Schiit. Now im looking to add a remote control for volume. Problem is that the only thing I can find is to use a Topping Pre90 @ $599 USD or a Schiit Freya + @$899 USD. I kinda dont want to spend close to $1000 CAD for the simple luxury of adjusting my volume remotely. Am I missing something here? I could go for the Topping Pre90 and Ext90 for $849 USD from Apos Audio Review if I want a really expensive splitter I suppose. i-feel-like-im-taking-crazy-pills

Schiit Saga or Schiit Freya.

Or the DIY Route

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I would take this route but i dont think I want to put my new $2500 set up to something i built " WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS" https://youtu.be/h0VlmIsZpR0

But for a DIY it look like fun! thanks for the suggestion @DagoRed

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Unfortunately the saga is only RCA. Im looking for some sweet sweet XLR action. Thanks for the suggestions though :smiley:

Freya then.

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I guess its only money. Thanks for trying.

So… here’s the thing… you want a balanced preamp with remote. You’re not going to find one. You have options of:

  1. Modify the pot that works with a remote on a new gear.
  2. Find a balanced preamp in your price range (they don’t exist).
  3. Find a stepper motor with a remote and have it turn the pot with a rubber band under tension.

And you don’t trust your own DIY skills. You’re kinda stuck there on this one. I heard the Violectrics have an amp offering with a remote.


I can’t tell if this does balanced… has enough pads that it MIGHT. Amazon.com

All you need is the XLR for input and output. Literally this is what I would design.

Thats sorta what I have been finding with my google-fu. I mean I could go with a motorized Pot with a reciever circuit and try to make it look nice. Your right though, I think with all the effort it would take to design and plan and actually do; the freya begins to sound like the path of least resistance here. I dont wanna damage the unit all for the small benefit it affords. For real though I appreciate the responses. Im pretty confident in designing a control circuit and integrating IR control, (its kinda my day job). Really Im not confident that added electronics wont cause interference. Motors are notorious for that. I suppose I could get a break out box with a passthrough XLR and mod that. might cost like 100 bucks for parts so i suppose thats worth a try.

Hmmm I cant tell either. Any Idea on whether a Mic Preamp could be subbed in?

I also looked at the RME ADI 2 - FS Pro as a potential solution as im looking to eventually add an ADI 2 in for future IEM stuff. It seems that it might only save me like a hundred dollars at the expense of going with the older AK chipset.

Mic pre-amps can only do 1 channel at a time so you would need 2 and then run into issues with volume matching. Looking at the amazon link, I think that might literally do the trick without a housing or XLR connectors. You would need to bridge the ground for balanced in but I see an XLR +/- on the silk screen near the pot.

This and items like it are about the cheapest option I’m aware of.


Good eye! I think you are right. So Id need to just fab up a block for inputs and outputs. Enlosure could be an issue because to be honest I dont really have an artistic hand when it comes to design. Franken box does sound catchy though haha.

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By god I think you found it. Thanks @Polygonhell! Oh and thanks @DagoRed too! I appreciate the help!

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