Looking to purchase my first audiophile Hifi Computer Speakers/Subwoofer! Need help!

This is what i have been using, the audio cable is starting to go, since the cable was cheaply made anyways. I need budget friendly ones, looking to spend between $150 to $250. I do everything with the speaker and subwoofer, i watch movies, anime, listen to music, and watch Youtube videos. I just want something low maintenance for the audio cable connecting from the speakers and subwoofer to my desktop. I need durable connecters that can withstand anything, so i don’t need replace it too often, i don’t have budget for a speaker amp.

If you got space on your desk you could think about Edifier S1000 MKII

They are fantastic and don´t need an additional subwoofer or amplifier

I used them on my desk for a while and was blown away

There are also many more options from Edifier with a smaller footprint and lower price.

My go to choice and what I am currently using: Logitech Z623 SPEAKER SYSTEM WITH SUBWOOFER

The setup sounds great hooked up to my Motu M4 interface source. This set can get loud, lots of room to push them with a good source. :notes: