Looking to put together a budget soundbar killer

Thanks. That will work. For anybody else looking around, I’m going with the SMSL AD18, Micca RB42s, and some cheap tower stands. If need be I will upgrade DAC and amp at a later date.

The topping MX3 lasted all but 4 songs before it shutoff forever. A pair of OoO bent woofers.

Should be fine with the AD18 but if you WOT will notice the AD18 heats up the volume will decrease. Least my experience although might be im overloading the power outlet in my livingroom TV. These cheap speakers come alive at higher volumes. With the neumis hearing deeper bass on my AVR in direct mode up against the wall. paired with the AD18 speakers pulled foward 24in not as deep.

Dont discount micca OoO you can raise the TV off the cabinet slide the OoO/ADA18 under the tv and be happy. Its pretty damn loud at approx. 9ft in a bedroom setup (65in panel) 15x20ft. Similar configured to your setup but TV is on a wall mount and micca OoO laid horizontal on bookshelves with books. Dont know if thats aiding in sound quality. Pink panther theme song by christophe beck sounds great, John williams imperial march great. NWA boys-in-the-hood need a sub. (Off of youtube)

The martian opening storm scene sounds good gaudians of the galaxy good. but the loudness is reduced got it up to max volume pushed through an apple tv 4k on wifi. mind you its still piss off your adjoining apartmant unit loud. The AD18 is warm to the touch. You can use the apple remote to control volume.

im Sony 900F > Topping D50s > Kali’s (Powered Monitors) I like the simplicity of it, only three power chords, Remote for the Topping for volume control, plus it has bluetooth so it’s easy from the phone if i choose. The Kali’s are front ported which is important because they are 5 inches from the wall

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