Looking to put together a budget soundbar killer

Hi, guys . I’m here because I’m new to HIFI in general and I’m trying to put together money for a budget soundbar killer. I’m looking for a nice 2.0 stereo steup, enough for TV, movies, and gaming. I have a Magni / Modi stack for my PC and I love it, so I thought I might start with a Modi. I’m looking for speakers that won’t leave me with the feeling that I absolutely need a sub (I’m in an apartment). Here are my thoughts below so far:
Vanatoo T0 - Skip the DAC, use this setup (I felt these may require a sub though).
Nuemi BS5 - I felt these may require a sub.
Micca MB42X - Again felt I may need a sub.
Micca RB42 - Looks good on paper but AMP?
Any other suggestions on sub $180 speakers would be good.
This leads me to Amps, I have no Idea. I don’t even know what a decent budget option would be or where to start. Preferably something cheap that sounds decent and can drive my speakers.
Lastly, I need speaker stands. I’m looking for suggestions on something cheap, sturdy, and gets the job done period.
Any and all help is greatly appreciated, thanks guys.

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How big is the room how many feet are you from the TV ?

Scratch the MB42X

RB42 $148.00
BS5 $89.00
Micca OoO $99.00
10in elac sub (seen this go down to 99.00 bucks)
If the TV got analog out or you have a DAC
Amazon basic 2ch amplifer. (Lowest ive seen 90.00 greenbacks.)

What ive learned with budget speakers they take power to drive for TV setup. But in an apartment this should do the trick.

The amazon amp can play louder straight off the TVs internal DAC.
But the AD18 has better sound quality. Not day and night but better. Least thats what think im hearing.

And welcome aboard.

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im in an apartment as well, midfield setup Kali LP-6s (powered monitors) Dac is a Topping D50s, no need for a sub but can easily add later

The room is about 15 foot, not including my Entertaindment stand or couch (which are against the wall). Basically, my living room makes a long hallway type of shape that opens on the end to the rest of the aparment in a L shape.

I actually have the LSR305s at my computer desk, mainly because I’ve been dabbling in music production and soud design a bit. The JBLs sometimes leave me whishing I had a sub though. That 50 Hz drop off is noticable lol. That wave guide though.

I agree with Flaculence. an SMSL ad18 is a good bet for a dac/amp combo. I am currently using an SMSL Q5 pro and it works great, but its a step down from the quality of the ad18. Right now I am using a pair of Micca RB42 centers. Just got them in the other day so I haven’t gotten a chance to really dive into there sound. Before I used a pair of Micca MV42x centers. off the cuff I would say the new set are a noticeable upgrade not as bright as the old set, but they are thinner and much nicer looking. As for a sub I am using a daton audio 12 inch that I got on sale couple years back for super cheap.

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I have the Vizio V705. The audio is terrible and it actually needs a DAC. My goal is TV-> DAC-> AMP-> Speakers. Honestly, I don’t believe in DSD or wireless anything. Something cheaper without these features would better support my budget as well. This is why I threw out the Modi as an idea. Maybe I could try the Topping E30?

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I wouldn’t recommend topping anything atm. they have issues of the L30 blowing up peoples headphones.

Ouch. So, the AD18 looks good at the price.

for simple TV amp/dacs you are basically stuck with cheap AVR recievers, the ad18, and Q5 pro. I have been looking for a champ amp for my desk and there isn’t much in the market that has a know positive track record. The AD18 basicaly does everything you need, passable dac, good enough amp, Sub out, remote, BT if you need it. the SA300 has a better amp/dac but it only has usb and analog in so connecting it to a tv would be more work and cost more. Which you could get a separate dac and amp and have a tv stack. but then you have to invest money into that. and if you are going to invest real money you might as well get a good last year model AVR for future expansion.

What about paring the AD18 with the RB42s? I heard Z’s sound demo and it seems they have just enough low end. Plus I can always upgrade DAC and amp later.

that would work the RB42’s are a great budget set of speakers. The Rb42’s are a power hungry pair though so not sure how well the ad18 would power them. In near field I would assume just fine, but for living room not so sure. You’ll have to ask around about that one. at the moment I am using a pair in near field running off a topping PA3 it has way enough power for them in near field. as for alternative choices of speakers try looking around in the speaker section of hifiguides.

Thanks MarlFox, considering I’m not all that far away I’m not expecting ridiculous volumes. Also any chance you or anybody else knows about dirt cheap sturdy stands? I’m not worried about sound, just something sturdy that will hold my speakers with out much fear of them tipping as I can just add foam or pillage my Auralex pads from my JBLs if I have to.

what is your tv attacked to? You might be able to squeeze the speakers in front of it. That’s what I did any way

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ok you have a few options. get some tower stands to hold up whatever speaker you get and use them as dedicated left and rights. wall mount the tv. Or stack something under the legs to raise it so speakers can fit. you could also get a different TV stand that has more room for speakers in front/under it. If your cabinets are not full you might be able to put speakers there and angle them up to point at you. Sound wise not sure how being stuck in a cabinet would affect.

Thanks, No option to wallmount here, cabinets will be pretty full, and the TV is already pretty tall. So, I’m looking at towers. I guess I didn’t know what to classify them as lol.

speaker stands. not sure technical term for tall speaker stand

Found a bunch on amazon


Not sure what region you would be shopping from. You may want to consider other options. looking at your photo I am not sure how good a fit a speaker stand would have on the left side near that doorway. I am also not sure how budget you want to get. when I first moved into my apartment I use a coupe of these tables to hold up my speakers and speakers


and used some yoga blocks under the tv feet to give enough clearance for speakers. But that is a bit getto.

Nah, its all a big open area on that side. That shouldn’t be a problem.