Looking to replace my Arctis Pro Wireless | Gaming and Music

I’ve had a pair of Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless ever since I built my computer, I just picked them because I saw a lot of streamers using them, and they were labeled as the “best gaming headphones” by a lot of YouTube reviewers. Over the years, I’ve had some problems with them, including the weight, this weird thing that happens where the audio crackles and cuts out every few seconds every once in a while, and the fact that they suck for music. My biggest problem with these headphones however is that they are just uncomfortable to me, the weight makes my neck hurt after wearing them for a few hours, the ear cups feel kinda weird, the head band hurts the top of my head, etc.

Wanting to upgrade, I’ve watched guides from Z Reviews and Crinacle, and read some guides on Reddit. I’ve learned some more about headphones, but I still can’t make a decision because of the insanely large selection of headphones I see get talked about. I already have a Lewitt LCT 440 Pure microphone connected to a GOXLR Mini, so I only need headphones (and maybe an AMP/DAC).

My favorite game since forever has been Battlefield 4, so there is a lot of gunfire, booms, and explosions. I also occasionally play other FPS games, or single player games like the Far Cry series. I don’t really know how to describe sound very well, so I can’t really explain the kind of music I like. My music taste is kind of all over the place, some songs I like (these are the names on Spotify) are: Shook Ones, Pt. II, VVV, The Lost Soul Down - Slowed, Chamber of Reflection, Resonance, Aruarian Dance, Gallowdance, and Lofi music while doing work.

I think that I would prefer open-back headphones because I have my own room with not much noise, I have a quiet keyboard, my PC fans don’t get very loud (most of the time, although they sometimes ramp up in noise for a couple of minutes), and I get kinda paranoid when I can’t hear my surroundings, so I end up just keeping one ear cup only half-way on my ear, which starts to hurt after a bit. However, I am worried that my family would be able to hear my audio from outside of my room, with or without the door closed (they can when I used my $20 Logitech speakers at pretty low volume, but I know that the audio bleed on open-backs works different than speakers). It would be nice to be able to hear where my enemies are more precisely, but I wouldn’t want to sacrifice immersion and music quality, as one of the biggest reasons for me getting a new pair of headphones is so that I can actually enjoy music more. I’m not quite sure about the whole AMP/DAC situation, I was kinda hoping I could just plug the headphones into my GOXLR Mini and call it a day, but if I need to get something separate, it’s not a problem. I’d say I wouldn’t want to spend much more over $400 on the headphones, especially if I have to get a separate AMP/DAC, but if it is worth it I can spend a bit more.

Any help or information would be appreciated, thanks for reading!

Unless you are blasting your eardrums dont be, depending on the size of your room and where you desk is located compared to the door, but in most cases you can only hear the audio from around 3 feet (you might be able to hear audio but you cant tell what that audio is).

As far as a recommendation i’d say pretty solid headphone is the Beyerdynamic TYGR 300R, its decent with most types of music, where it shines is the imaging and sound stage its really good for direction audio with FPS games.

However for single player games you could go for something more immersive maybe something like a Sivga Luan or something like Harmonicdyne Zeus (Original, not elite). Both have good sound stage but the imagining isnt as good as the TYGR, but they are more immersive, with more bass and a richer sound overall and feel more alive and the comfort is great (Both are almost double the TYGR but the its still in budget)

All 3 headphone - The 300R, Luan and the Zeus dont really need an amp (though it does help).
In general dynamic headphones dont have to have an amp (there are exceptions and its always best to look it up before) but they do benefit from it, some more than others

The new Pulse Elite reviews just dropped today. It looks incredibly promising depending on what you need. For 150 it could be a steal. I’ll review one on my channel when I get my unit it. But the embargo dropped today and it looks great.

Thanks for the reply!

I should be fine then because my room is not that small and my desk is in the farthest corner from my door.

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As far as a recommendation i’d say pretty solid headphone is the Beyerdynamic TYGR 300R, its decent with most types of music, where it shines is the imaging and sound stage its really good for direction audio with FPS games.
These headphones look appealing to me after watching Z Review’s video. I think I’ll probably get these as they are much less than I was expecting to pay, I’ll most likely just be able to plug them straight into my GOXLR, the imaging is good for games, they should be good for the kind of music I enjoy, and the comfort seems decent. Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll let you know how I like them after they arrive. By the way, should I get them from Amazon or the Beyerdynamic website?

I’d say amazon since, mostly for the return policy

Alright, thanks man.

Let me save you $360 and grab a pair of koss kph40. They don’t look like much but straight out of the box you’re going to have a hard time finding a better headphone under $200 and it should work well with your goxlr.