Looking to replace my denon ah mm400

Currently trying the m60x, which is very close to the mm400 in terms of sound and i /love/ it. But its uncomfortable as all hell with my glasses. So once i know what im gonna try next i will sadly return them. The dynamic bass, forward mids and crisp yet non sibilant highs with such a wide soundstage are just…why cant these be over ear?
M40x with the pads zeos recommends maybe?
Aiaiai tma2? (Or to be precise, the preset fnatic sells for half the price with some extra pads)
Cant find ricardos here…
B o h6 g2?
NAD Viso hp50??
Also considering master and dynamic mh30 and mh40 but im afraid my glasses will ruin those too…even though i love the description of their sound signature and their looks.

Important is being able to use any cable, or atleast being able to have a reliable, quick to ship source of cable. I tear through cables like nobody’s busunesss and its the prime reason im gonna sell my mm400 or try to have it modded

try replacing the pads on the m60x’s with brainwaves xl’s they are huge and fluffy. also my wife likes using my coolermaster 750’s with her glasses. its a gaming headset, but the design and drivers are takstar 40mm’s. May want to look into a set of takstars? Meze headphones sound good and use dual 2.5mm connectors, which is very common and easy to replace. I have a pair of Massdrop Meze’s i use with my phone on my daily walk with sunglasses on without issues. But if you like the m60x’s, i would try pads. one of them will be comfortable with your glasses.

Z says the on ear pads shape the sound a lot though
And im not sure if over ear pads will even fit on the cups. The ones i have sure dont.