Looking to revamp my audio setup

Hey guys.

I have a pretty bad gaming headset and I want to upgrade my setup.

I mostly am mainly gaming, mostly playing CS:GO so from watching Z I’m pretty sure I need good imaging, good treble, and not much bass in order to hear footsteps. I preferably want an open backed headset.

Here is a list of some I’ve been looking at

  • Philips Audio Philips SHP9500


  • Sennheiser GAME ONE

I don’t want to spend more than $150 on the headphones, and if it’s recommended about the same amount on an amp, or dac amp.

Edit: I dont need a mic attached just whatever works best, would be nice if it was compatible with the v-moda boompro, otherwise i can get a desk mic.

Are you looking for something with a mic? Or just a headphone?

Sennheiser PC37x. Just works and doesn’t need a DAC/amp. But likes one.

im fine with either, i can get a v moda boom pro or i will just get a desk mic, I am fine with anything.

If you want a headset I agree with @DagoRed the pc37x is pretty solid in both mic and sound. I think if you wanted separates, this would be pushing you budget but I think it would be worthwhile, something like the dt880 600 ohm and an amp like a monolith liquid spark or schiit magni 3+ and running it from motherboard audio would be pretty dang nice

since you said the pc37x likes a dac/amp which one would you recommend?

I like the Schiit Fulla 3. If you’re REALLY pressed for cash I care about just usable for ports, mod mic has a USB adapter for $10. If you have a mic input already, whatever you want. The Fulla 3 does alright and pairs VERY nicely with the pc37x. When you go for a different it’s nice to have to Fulla 3 since it can act as a DAC (essentially a built in Modi 3) to hook up to another amp, or you can run a different DAC through the Fulla 3. Power is simple just use 1 USB port to power, I use 2 USB cables for 1 for signal and another for power.

As my system scales, it’s nice having a microphone input that sounds decent near headphone amp and DAC. For $200 ish for a headphone, mic, dac, amp… it’s a steal as a complete package and I spent a lot more money trying to have a setup that sounds better for my ears. But… you can wait on a DAC amp as the headphones are a noticeable improvement from any sound source alone so do not feel compelled to get a DAC/amp right away.

Just for you I did the insane. I’m hooked up my PC37x to my Fulla 3 with a Bifrost 2… it’s almost as good as my LCD X + Bifrost 2 + RNHP. I’ll listen to this configuration more this week… I forgot how good this all sounds.