Looking to upgrade from my broken logitech g933

First of all thank you for taking time to help me out.
Let me explain my situation I have a set of logitech g933 and they where what i got when i asked for headphones for my desktop and now two years later they are broken so now i am getting a new pair and i want to upgrade. I play both first person shooters but also games like doom and skyrim and also listen to music and watch movies so I am looking for something to fulfill those purposes also I sometimes take my PC away from my my house and my desk microphone so something I could add a microphone to for a decent price would be nice and I have a budget of about 200 to 250 but I would like to keep it closer to the 200 mark and I need everything so amp dock and headphones also I would like closed back headphones due to the fact that I game at night. Also over the ear sence I where glasses. Thanks for your time and helping me out.

If you can find a pair, what about the Cooler Master MH752’s? Its actually a gaming headset around the $80 range and would come with a usb sound card. Very comfortable and actually pretty good sound.

DT 770 or a HD 58x with a fx audio DAC x6 or a fiio e10k or just run them dacless

The 770 is good as well. He said he was looking for a closed back, so the 58x wouldn’t be a good choice

I guess open vs closed is not that big of a deal because I am in my room with the door shut so it is relatively quiet also will I half to download Dolby atmos for Surround sound or will it work out of the box

If you can go for open, the HD58x is a great choice, better then the 770 or mh752.

You probably shouldn’t use an artificial 7.1 software with higher end headphones though

So what should I use for the surround sound then and what dac and amp do you recommend

You don’t really need surround sound in a higher end headphone, because it can generally deliver better positional awareness and accuracy then the software would be able to create.

The fiio k3 is a great dac amp that will get the job done.

my mother bored also has optional out so should i get a amp/dac combo that uses that instead of one that uses USB

i can spend around 70 to 120$ for the dac and amp combo because my family is getting me the headphones for my bday

You could get a dac/amp that supports optical, but you will most likely not hear a difference between USB and optical. Most of the dac/amp combos in the $100 range are bus powered (get their power from USB) anyway, so they would have to use usb.

I would say that at your price range, the k3 makes the most sense for quality. If you wanted dsp/7.1 really badly, the Sennheiser gsx 1000 is less powerful and probably won’t sound as good on its own, but apparently comes with a really good onboard 7.1, but I personally still would go with something like the k3

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with the fiio k3 will i still be able to hook something like a mod modmic 5 up to my pc of my headphons are ran through the fiio k3 an the mic is plunged into my mother bored

Yes, you would connect the headphones to the dac/amp and the mic to the motherboard mic input. In windows (assuming you use windows) you would just set the k3 as the output device and the motherboard mic input as the input device

thanks so i think what i will do is get the hd58x jubilee and the fiio k3 do you recommend me get any different cable then what come in the box sense the fiio k3 has balanced outputs

You could get a balanced cable to take advantage of more power, but it will be around $50.


You will most likely be fine with the stock, but if you wanted extra power, that is always an option

With the 58x though it’s very power efficient so you won’t need to run it balanced at all

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